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Google Penguin Algorithm – How to Deal It – Tricks Peak SEO

Nabeel Shoro Google SEO

As Google Panda already has been devastated those bad websites from search result now Google had taken another action against link-scheming, keyword-sniffing and un-natural link creators, to give users more relevant in the form of search result in SERP. Google changes the old ways of SEO to provide more quality content and provide insight to users, Google Panda gives penalties to many sites that have poor quality content. Check out complete guide, history and how to deal with Google Panda algorithm here. Now there is another Google algorithm will penalize bad websites and ready to kick-off from SERP of Google because of over-optimizing etc.

In this post we will try to understand:

History of Google Penguin Algorithm.

Factors of Google Penguin Algorithm.

How to deal with Google Penguin Algorithm.

History: Google Penguin algorithm, first launching April 2012. Google Penguin performs cleanup websites - sites that are considered spamming of the search results. Especially to the site - that has buying links, building links through link networks that they built themselves excessively to manipulate the search results in order to get a high ranking in the SERP.

Google Penguin is more focused on the incoming links; there may be some long way link building can still be used. There are 4 factors that could cause any site affected by the penalty of Google Penguin.

4 factors such as the following picture:

Google Penguin Algorithm – How to Deal It

  1. Link Scheme: The existence of a link is indeed important, but the sites that have high quality and fresh content are the best way to improve rankings in the search results. Link scheme is a way of generating links that aim to persuade or manipulate the search engines to get the site ranking in search results. So if webmaster doing link building from other low-quality sites may be stuck in link schemes risk penalties Google Penguin.
  1. Keyword Stuffing: Penguin will find and give the penalty for websites - sites that do keyword stuffing (uses of irrelevant keywords, hide text with white text, repeating same keywords or phrase again and again).
  1. Over Optimizing: It is saying that “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing”. It is one hundred percent true after updates of Google Penguin algorithm in SEO term. Search engine optimization makes website awesome but too much optimization to be called over-optimization. This will be exposed soon by Google Penguin.
  1. Unnatural Link: Google always guides webmasters in according Google webmaster guide-line sites that buying links or participate in link exchange schemes or artificial links pointing to the website for manipulating page rank in SERP is against Google webmaster guide-line and that site will be Penguins penalty.

How to Deal with Google Penguin Algorithm?

So, you will understand after reading above four factors of Google Penguin Algorithm. To face penguin webmaster should know how do these algorithms work? Penguin focuses on above factors I have mentioned earlier.

Every black hat techniques of  link building practices that aim to manipulate search results, such as, paid links, link exchange, is now bad SEO.

The best way get relevant links from other sites is, create a website with unique and fresh content. It naturally can get popularity among the internet. So, avoid link schemes in any form, because the risks of Penguin penalty.

When writing content, use keywords that naturally match with your content. Use same meaning synonyms while implementing linking to your other page by this you can tell Google Penguin that we are relevant. Never use hidden text to manipulate search engines. Fill page content with relevant keywords.

As we know that internal links within the site is good but too much SEO work is not good. To build the right link in order to improve search rankings by following the rules of the Google webmaster guidelines.

Use Web Of Trus - Firefox Add-on to find out how the visitors trust on your website. If the low scores obtained, make quality content and build social media engagement.
Try to understanding the Anchor Text. Anchor text is the text that has a link in it so that the inside is covered with a text link. Anchor text is important in website optimization efforts, therefore penguin presented in order to keep the search results remain relevant. In the face of Penguin, it is important to build links with relevant keywords and general, so as to reduce the risk of Penguin Penalty.