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Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress

Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress – Install it and Earn More from AdSense

We have noticed in the recent period a significant increase in the number of blogs that run on the platform WordPress. I also use the WordPress platform for my blog. Today while I searching plugins in Wordpress plugin directory, I found very useful plugin, Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress, so I am here to share its great features with you.
A lot of bloggers have no idea about the creation of a special page to activate the self-employed in Webmaster Tools or modifying the template to put the code for advertising. Most bloggers are a bit far from the design and programming. So find it difficult to deal with Coded HTML code and CSS. Hence Google has launched a new addition to WordPress, the name of Google Publisher.
Google publisher plugin wordpress

Google publisher plugin

What is Google Publisher?

Google publisher is the official Google Publisher Plugin for AdSense Supported products includes AdSense and Webmaster Tools.
This design has been added to the two main pillars;
1- Help webmasters to activate their positions quickly in Webmaster Tools.
2- Assistant bloggers Punch ads on their sites anywhere without the need for prior knowledge of that code programming or programming in general.

How Does it Works?

It requires a Google account you are logged on to activate your ownership of the site in addition to the ability to customize the Google AdSense places ads on the site.
The activation method of adding ads have become much easier than in the past where it no longer requires only a few clicks to get effective ads and also the site registered in royalties webmasters in Google.

Method of Installation

1. Go to the Control Panel, and then search for Google Publisher Plugin (beta) and installed directly.
2. Or can be downloaded add Google Publisher Plugin and brought to the site in the traditional way and then activated.
I hope you will not face any problems in dealing with this add-on; it is intended for beginners in the world of blogging to provide them the time and effort also in the allocation of places in their advertisement and also activate the expense of the owners of the sites.
Google entering the field of Wordpress. is a new light on the other extras that will help bloggers to link Google products in blogs and achieve the greatest possible use of these products and seamlessly.

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