Google Trends now gives real-time data on the news search, pictures search, Shopping search, and videos search


People who like to be inside of what people are looking for on the internet can always use Google Trends, a tool that shows in real time what is most popular the internet. Thus, it is easy to know what people are searching all the time and which topics and words, they use in the searches. Thanks to Google for giving us the great tool called Google Trends.
Now, Google will expand this service to show information about news search, pictures search, videos search, and shopping search.


Using Google Trends, the user will be able to choose a specific term or keyword and not only see how much they searched for in the search engine but also the news that relates to search, images, videos and shopping that have some values in the search engine.

How to use Google Trends new features of news search, pictures search, Shopping search, and videos search.

So, to use the new features, simply enter the term you want to search and click the options of Web search, you will see the other related options of news search, pictures search, Shopping search, and videos search. change in the options the web search data for image, news, purchases or videos according to your need. The result of information given at the bottom of the screen will be regarding the category you choose.

google trends

How to use Google Trends New Features

Other data that possible to access is still available, such as interest over time (Top Google searches by state ), interest over the region (Google trends USA, Google Trends UK, Google Trends India) and related terms.


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