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Google Trends now gives real-time data on the news search, pictures search, Shopping search, and videos search

In this post, we are reviewing new features of Google Trends of real-time data on the News Search, Pictures Search, Shopping Search, and YouTube Videos Search.




People who like to be inside of what people are looking for on the internet can always use Google Trends, a tool that shows in real time what is most popular the internet. Thus, it is easy to know what people are searching all the time and which topics and words, they use in the searches. Thanks to Google for giving us the great tool called Google Trends.
Now, Google will expand this service to show information about news search, pictures search, videos search, and shopping search.

Using Google Trends, the user will be able to choose a specific term or keyword and not only see how much they searched for in the search engine but also the news that relates to search, images, videos and shopping that have some values in the search engine.

How to use Google Trends new features of news search, pictures search, Shopping search, and videos search.

So, to use the new features, simply enter the term you want to search and click the options of Web search, you will see the other related options of news search, pictures search, Shopping search, and videos search. change in the options the web search data for image, news, purchases or videos according to your need. The result of information given at the bottom of the screen will be regarding the category you choose.

google trends

How to use Google Trends New Features

Other data that possible to access is still available, such as interest over time (Top Google searches by state ), interest over the region (Google trends USA, Google Trends UK, Google Trends India) and related terms.


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Google Chrome Video Downloader All-time Top 10 Extensions List




Google Chrome has many top videos downloader extensions, can downloading videos from Facebook, downloading videos from Twitter. downloading videos from Youtube, DailyMotion, and all other video streaming sites easily. in general, these Google Chrome video downloaders may be easier than you might think. With the use of a Google Chrome extension, one click is enough for all videos to be transferred to your computer. Check out our list of 10 useful Google Chrome Downloader options to help you.

10. Flash Video Downloader

Google Chrome video downloader’s list on number 10th is Flash Video Downloader. It can downloads flash videos from several different sources on the internet.

How to download videos with Google Chrome Flash Video Downloader?

Google Chrome Flash Video Downloader

To download a video, just click on the extension button next to the toolbar. You can choose from several quality options before downloading the file. Click here to Download Google Chrome Flash Video Downloader.

9. FBDown Video Downloader

FBDown Video Downloader

Want to download multiple video files at the same time to your computer? Then try FBDown Video Downloader. It is another program that allows you to download videos from any website, not just Facebook.
In addition, it supports a lot of different extensions (3GP, MP4, WMV, FLV, SWF) and can also download the files as MP3 music. Click here to download Google Chrome FBDown Video Downloader.

8. vGet Extension

If you want to download stream videos, use the vGet Extension extension. It allows you to share them with TVs that rely on DLNA technology.
According to its developers, the extension is designed to be minimally invasive, loading content only when the button is triggered. You can also download videos by choosing the file type and quality. Click here to download Google Chrome vGet Extension.

7. SaveFrom .net

Savefrom net

SaveFrom .net is another website and Google Chrome Video Downloader application capable of downloading almost any video from the internet. It is very interesting because it has link feature within the Savefrom site, making the activity even simpler and easier.
The program has two ways of downloading videos from the internet: through a Google Chrome Extension, which can be downloaded on your Windows browser; or by means copy past the link of the video in SaveFrom website. The more instructions are explained in the link this link.

6. Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader lets you download Facebook videos to both standard (SD) and high definition (HD) quality. It works very simply: when one of them appears in the timeline, all you have to do is click the downloading button next to the video bar to download.

When you click the button, a notification appears so you can choose the options to download the file. Then you should right-click and choose the save option. If videos are not detected by the extension, refresh the Facebook page. Click here to download Google Chrome Facebook Video Downloader.

5. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a part of the popular add-on launched for Firefox but it is also very useful and same functionality like FireFox. it allows you to download videos not only from Facebook but from many other video sources.
The extension offers numerous types of download options, in the most varied formats, such as MP4, 3GPP, WebM, as well as several different types of quality (standard definition and high definition). Download

4. Video Downloader professional

Video Downloader professional

If you want to create a list of videos without having to download them to your computer, then Video Downloader professional can be a good option. So you have quick access to the content that matters without having to go back to the original page of each site.
The extension also downloads the videos you want to the hard drive in various formats and qualities. In addition, it is capable of playing MP4 files through Chromecast, directly on your TV. Here is the link.

3. HD Video Downloader

The download tools seem endless and HD Video Downloader is another option for downloading music and videos from the internet. The program works with virtually any website including Facebook, Dailymotion, Blip, Metacafe, Break and many others.

2. GetThemAll Video Downloader

GetThemAll Video Downloader

Want to download almost everything on the page? Then try GetThemAll Video Downloader. The program is capable of downloading not only videos but also PDF files, images, and HTML content.
Just click on the extension button to get the complete list of files that can be downloaded from within the page. Select multiple files to be transferred at the same time through your own download manager.

Download here.

1. More Google Chrome video downloaders coming soon.


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Social Media

5 Most Modern Ways to unblock Youtube Facebook Twitter and DailyMotion in Pakistan




The news about the ban on popular social networks in Pakistan has flown around the country at the speed of light. The reason for banning Youtube Facebook Twitter and also Dailymotion is due to Faizabad protest of religious parties. anyway! if you are looking for ways of blocked and banned Youtube, Facebook, Twitter DailyMotion, Here are the 5 most modern and successful ways to unblock blocked websites in Pakistan. (Note: This method can be used all other blocked websites too)

It is not the first time in Pakistan for the ban on some popular social media websites. On the date, 25 November 2017 Pakistan Telecumunection authority forced ban many Social Media Websites for unspecific time. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion everyone has accumulated enough important materials in these networks contacts, music, exclusive photos, and videos, documents. How not to lose the necessary information? We understand how to bypass the blocking of prohibited sites in Pakistan.

  • Privatix VPN

The free VPN from Privatix is the simplest and best way to bypass blocked Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMotion today. All you need is to open the official website of and select the device on which you need to bypass the blocked sites. No registration is required. It is enough to open the Privatix window after installation and click on the connection button. When the indicator turns green, your IP will be replaced and the blocked sites from Pakistan will be unlocked.

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Privatix can be added as a plug-in for the browser Chrome, Opera or Firefox.
Either download the mobile application for Android (from Google Play) / iOS (from the App Store) or the program for Windows. They unlock not only websites but the entire Internet for any applications (Skype, Classmates, etc.).

  • Sites-Anonymizers

This option is the simplest and most common. Sites-anonymizers are specifically designed to unblock blocked sites. They gained high popularity in Pakistan, after the attempts to block social networks 2017 in Pakistan.
Please search the following query in the search engine – “sites-anonymizers” immediately shows a lot of such resources.
For example:
Hide My Ass
PK Proxy

  • Proxy servers

To unblock blocked Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Dailymotion in Pakistan you can use proxy servers. Many browsers use them for the secure connection, for example, Opera Turbo. There are entire lists of proxy servers that will help you to go to the desired resources. You can find both paid sites, and free.
The downside of this method of bypassing the blocking of blocked social media in Pakistan may be that you need to understand a little about the network settings on your computer, but the search engine will always help you.

  • Browser Tor

This way of bypassing the lock is one of their most popular. Firstly, you can install it, secondly, the browser itself is easy to use, thirdly, it is free.
The principle of the Tor browser is provided by the use of a distributed network of servers, which in addition to calling on the blocked site also provides high anonymity.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is a network that is created on top of other networks, due to the virtual and public channels of other networks. The VPN provides high privacy and creates closures for unauthorized channels of information exchange.
In a number of countries where social networks are already banned, users purchase US VPN packages and use all the facilities of a private network.

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Final Words: In this article, I have covered 5 Most Modern Ways to unblock Youtube Facebook Twitter and DailyMotion Pakistan, These methods can be used for any other blocked website very easily. Like and share if you find it useful. Have a nice day

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10 Best Email Clients for Windows – Paid and Free

In this article, we consider the best email clients for windows 8, windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows 10. All these email clients are available on the market of e-mail clients for Windows operating system. All of the email clients discussed below is functional tools. The review also included minimalist products, such as email applications as a part of the all latest versions of Windows. Let’s begin the review.




(Best Email Clients for Windows) Is your business always associated with the email? If yes, would you always staring browser and waiting for new mail in the Inbox folder. If you feel this is all tiring, we suggest you use email client software.
By using an email client you can receive and send emails without the need to open a browser and wait for an email to arrive, in addition, you will be notified if there is email. You no longer need to stick with the browser and always wait for emails coming, just use email client software for windows.

First of all let me know, which email client do you use? And what is the purpose of use? Do you use free email service for your business purpose? Do you often feel a lack of capacity email service or web-based interface? Some e-mail services such as, Yahoo may even offer a choice of themes.

The email clients for windows provide basic functionality for working with e-mail and in most cases are dressed in a convenient interface that focuses on beginners. But when using e-mail in a commercial environment, greater efficiency can be achieved due to the special features such as email client software program installed in the operating system, receiving data from the e-mail server and presenting them to the user in the proper interface. They can offer flexible options, filtering, sorting, and other features to work with large volumes of correspondence. Many postal services, plus, provide more functions and organizational type calendar, scheduler, contacts database, etc.

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Well, in these lines bellow, I suggest you free and paid the best email clients for windows, hope they fulfill your business need.

Overview of Best e-mail Clients for Windows

  • EmailTray – Free Email Client For Windows 

EmailTray – Free Email Client For Windows

This email client software is good enough for you to use as a receiver and sending an email via desktop. EmailTray also available for smartphones so you can send and receive email wherever you are you only need an internet data package. EmailTray also has a separate grouping category; which email is important and which is not important. Is this very helpful? So you will not be fooled if the email you receive is spam and you open it. Unfortunately, email tray cannot be integrated with existing contacts in the email.

Download EmailTrayDownload Android EmailTray.

  • Mailbird – Best Email Client For Windows 7, 8 and 10

Mailbird – Best Email Client For Windows 7, 8 and 10

Mailbird is the best email client for windows. Nevertheless, the features and convenience, applications are above average. The process of entering your email account to MailBird very easy, especially if you use popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Some things you love about Mailbird is a fast email search process and built-in WYSIWYG editor. You can use Mailbird Lite – (free) with a maximum of up to 3 email accounts account.

Download Mailbird Lite Here.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Email Client For Windows – Make Email Easier

Email Client For Windows – Make Email Easier

Thunderbird is email client software that is quite popular. The beginning of the Thunderbird was in 2004 that has been downloaded by 500,000 times in the first 3 days after being released. It’s free, lightweight, flexible, and customizable and has the features you need for best email clients for windows. The advantage of using Thunderbird is, you can read and reply to emails directly, classifying email with folders, can filter out junk mail or spam, read RSS and much more.

Download Thunderbird.

  • IncrediMail – User-Friendly and Fun to Use Email Client for Windows

User-Friendly and Fun to Use Email Client for Windows

IncrediMail is the best email client for windows that is user-friendly and fun to use. Not only protect your email from spam and phishing but also allows you to have fun with a large collection of templates, animations, emoticons, and sounds.

Download IncrediMail Email Client for Windows.

  • eM Client – Best Email Client for Windows

Best Email Client for Windows

The eM Client is a best email client software that has a similar appearance to the outlook but the increasing use of email in an efficient, navigation menu to create, send, delete, and reply all emails. Can feel like wearing an email client such as outlook premium, premium but free.
Other than the e-mail client, calendar, scheduler, contacts database, View RSS-client eM Client also provides a chat function.
There is a free version and also eM Client Pro for you. For the free version, you can only add two email accounts only.

Download free eM Client.

  • Claws Mail – Best and light weight Email Client for Windows

Best and light weight Email Client for Windows

If you do not want to be complicated in appearance, Claws Mail is suitable and best email client software for windows. Claws Mail offers the simple look and easy to use for windows but the email client still has all the features of the other best email clients have.

Download Claws Mail.

  • Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook – the perfect product for marketing sphere. Outlook contains not only extensive tools for formatting text when composing e-mails; it is, in fact, built a stripped-down version of Microsoft Word. When you create a letter, you can work with tables, AutoText, figures and express units, use WordArt and other text editor functions from Microsoft. Other features are text messages pre-installed spell checker, a built-in translator, counting the number of words and the smart search.

  • The Bat

 the bat

The Bat e-mail client characterized by powerful defense mechanisms on the one hand and a complete built-in spam filter, tedious configuration interface and homely design.

  • Pegasus Mail – Email Client for Windows

Pegasus Mail – Email Client for Windows

By using Pegasus Mail you can be shielded from HTML emails containing viruses and exploit code. Pegasus mail can check writing languages such as American English. Drag and drop when you want to send an email in the attachment form. Disadvantages of this software are when you search your email, be a little slow in finding an email. There is also no email folder for easy categorizing.

  • Opera Mail – Outlook Alternative Email Client

Opera Mail - Outlook Alternative Email Client

Opera Mail- Free mail client from the makers of the Opera browser. Opera Mail – is highlighted in a separate product email client and RSS-reader, which were once built in the old Opera browser 12 on the engine Presto.
Opera Mail is composed of three modules – email section, RSS-client, and client newsgroups. Convenient layout representation letters can be selected for the window mailer. Opera mail can offer label system, sort mail, use the base with contacts. Opportunities to create letters – text without formatting and file attachments.

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That’s 10 best email clients for windows software that you can use in Windows. Which one do you think is the best of email client software above? Give your suggestion in comments. Have a nice day!

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