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HoloLens of Microsoft Project Brings the Holographic Computing

The next generation holographic computing is here, with HoloLens of Microsoft, a system that allows us to know the way in which we move in the future. It is a virtual reality helmet that also includes augmented reality, and they can easily make their first steps with Windows 10.

The Uses of the HoloLens in Our Life

HoloLens of Microsoft Project
Image Credit: Flickr user, Jorge Figueroa

The  Project HoloLens  has not only the purpose of enjoying the  virtual and augmented reality , but also be able to be used with a lot of features, either in our own homes, schools, offices and so on.

In essence this is to create holograms in the rooms in which we find ourselves, so that we can get to perform a completely different world very quickly and easily, plus we can also interact to form a very original way.

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Decorate Your Room with HoloLens

Decorate Your Room with HoloLens
Image Credit: Flickr/microsoftsweden

What we will be able to get through these virtual reality helmets is to make these holograms are placed in a suitable way in the room in which we find ourselves. For example, imagine a very interesting utility of this system; it is that we will be able to change all the details of our home to decide what type of decoration may be the most appropriate.

But obviously that we will be able to perform in different rooms, which aims not only decoration but also the functionality and even leisure.

Imagine for a moment that we work in an architectural firm and we want to carry out a major project. With these lenses have the possibility to interact with virtual pieces and combine with real parts, which help us to see the result of our work in a much more appropriate way, while we can modify and create adaptations without the need to start to carry out the actual work.

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Holographic Television

Holographic Television
Image Credit: Flickr/microsoftsweden

Moreover, HoloLens also has a very interesting utility, and the ability to sit quietly on the couch and watch TV without having to look at a particular machine. All we have to do is put on the glasses and can change position without problem since the recording will be broadcast everywhere we look.

In essence, the project has many interesting aspects to develop, and we believe it has a great future. However, we still have to wait a bit to know all the details.