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How Do Your Blog Appear In The First Position Of SERP?

Nabeel Shoro Google SEO

Blogging is just an awesome experience. Some bloggers write a blog just for passion and some for living. All bloggers want their blog appears on the first page of the SERP, because the first position, they can bring in traffic more easily.

Search engines are the door of your blog so we need to know how open the door for our blog or website? There are some ways to optimize your blog or website so that it appears in the first page of SERP. SERP is an abbreviation of Search Engine Result Page, the search results page in the search engine keywords.

After read you will understand:

  • The basic definition of SERP.
  • You will learn some ways to get top rank on SERP.
  • You can check the position of your keyword in Google.

So how do blog appear in the first position of SERP? We must maximize the SERP. How to? Let's discuss.

What is SERP?

We know that the SERP is a keyword search result page in search engines. To dominate the SERP, we should follow the rules.

Getting top rank on SERP is not enough with one night. It took quite a long time efforts.  We can dominate the SERP by some ways. The most important is On Page SEO, off page SEO and obviously, selection of the right keywords.

Please note that we do not penetrate the search engines to be on the first page. Search engines such as Google became more and smarter after many algorithms. They do not pay attention to the order of words and bad techniques. Here I am not motivating you to use black hat techniques but these are some legal and proven ways.

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How to choose the right keywords to appear on the first page of the SERP?

First we have to target the keyword which has the first position. For example, we are going to shoot a keyword, “best cheap hosting ". Are the keywords that potential? We did not know before we reset. I usually use a Google Adwords Keywords tool for keyword research.

We have seen above, that the keyword "best cheap hosting" has a low level of competition. That is the trick, the first chance we can get a very first position.

Moreover, with Google Adwords keywords tools, we can also see the ideas written by looking at the keywords that are quite popular. I will publish a detail discussion about Google Adwords keywords soon.

Once we get the desired keywords, we will maximize the keywords SERP with On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

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On page SEO and Off Page SEO Making effective as possible

On page SEO, we maximize the keywords that only related to the blog/website post. How? You should pay attention to the following points:

Keyword Writing Tips to Maximizing SERP

  • Try to have a title that contains targeted keywords
  • Tag h2, h3, should have targeted keywords
  • Put targeted and important keywords in the first paragraph and the last paragraph
  • Put these keywords in the permalink
  • Use a bold / italic / underline

Well, In addition to the above tips, there are some extra optimizations which also play an important role in this regard, meta tags, page loading speed, etc. In the era of panda and penguin algorithm, it is important to pay attention to the quality of our writing as well.

In Off Page SEO, we have to work on external factors, especially the backlink for the post to targeted keyword anchor. The more backlinks, the better and the chance appeared in the top position of the SERP.

However, keep in mind what kind of backlinks taken into account by the search engines, especially Google. Bad, low quality and unnatural backlinks could result in SERP position down.

How can we know the backlink is natural or not? Well, Quality backlink is a backlink that comes from the web with the same niche or same keyword anchor.  The preferred site like Wikipedia, websites with a .edu domain, authority blog, etc.

The bad backlinks are which come from adult sites, spam links in comments or from gambling site etc.

Now Check Website Position on Google

Once we applied all above steps, then we can check the position of the keywords, which we have used as targeted keywords.

There are some websites to check on Google web positioning:

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Final Words: So friends, these were some tips to get in top position in SERP. Hope you will use them. Best wishes for your blog/website to get top rank and may appear in first page of SERP. Have a nice day!