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How Does The Google Most Relevant Search For Us

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Hello friends, you most read my article on Google and Facebook king of Internet. Today I am going to write another post on how does Google search for us? My aim is to provide basic information about search engines. As we know that Google basically is a search engine that is able to provide the most relevant answer in a second.

Google search is a computer program that is web based search engine, and is the most popular search engine in the Internet world. Every day Google search queries received at least 200 million Internet users worldwide.

Are you new in the internet world? and didn’t know more about search engines. Don’t worry. I will compile information from a variety of sources that I get, and I'll summarize here. After reading, you will understand: -

Basic information of search engines and how the Google search engine really works. just by reading the following article.

What is Web Search Engines – Google and Others?

First let’s look on the basic definition of search engines. Web Search engines are computer programs designed to perform a search on the files stored in the number of computers in a network.

Typically, a search engine designed to surf from site to another using a crawler, crawler’s duty is to get as much amount of information or documents and then store – index them into the database.

According to Wikipedia, the search engine Google is now estimated to have to operate more than 1,000,000 servers worldwide, serving more than 1 billion search queries. Wow, so many is not it?

After understanding the definition of search engines, Okay, we go to the next point.

How Google Search Engine Works?

thats why i love Google

Search engine Google has three main functions, namely, Crawling and indexing and save documents in the database. Google’s big aim is providing relevant answers to the Googlers (users). Google has changed the way of search with many updates and algorithms.

Crawling And Indexing

Google did crawl and indexing the site of trillions of documents on the internet. This process is the foundation of Google search in collecting and organizing information; so that Google can sort the documents are stored in the index database.

Organize information with index

Google collects a lot of pages in the crawl process; Google continues to create indexes so that Google understand how users search for something on the Internet. Compared, the web is like a public library that has billions of books. Google’s job is to neatly arrange them in shelves and provide most relevant and matched searches to users.

Every website owner wants to rank his website at first page of Google, so there are 6 ways to get Google page Rank. Google's index system is based on different page factors, for instance whether the page contains text, images or video, when the page was published, and many other aspects that determine which pages are relevant to the search query.

As explained above, before Google provides search results, Google's crawlers (robot) crawling and indexing all web pages of websites. How does Google crawl from page to page with the robot? The answer is through the "links”.

If you are web-designer and blogger then you should know that On Page SEO and Off Page SEO is very important. The both optimization’s first method is to make inbound links and back links. Because, links allow the search robot (crawler) reach billions of interconnected documents on the internet. Through Google identifies link pages, and took a fraction of the page to be stored into the database, which will redial required when there is a search request.

Google have billions of pages indexed, and has built many database centers around the world, also has processing facilities of information very quickly in large quantities, making the Google search engine works hard to provide the best service for the consumer.

Google very well knows that users want relevant answers with a short time when the search engine experience a delay of one to two seconds can cause user frustration.

Providing Answers

When users conducting the search. They expect the "right answer". The right answer is not a list of the billions of websites. That is the reason of Google's algorithm for provides relevant answers as the user desires. When a user connected with the internet world via Google search they know that Google’s queries are the trustable and relevant.

So, we can also say that a search engine is an answering machine. When users search online then Google's algorithm will do two things to process; The first Google will only give results that are relevant or useful to the searcher; second, Google will sort the order of search results according to the popularity of the site. Relevant and popularity is formulas that affect the SEO process.

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The algorithms processes of Google by considering various aspects to provide relevant results, there are currently about 200 factors that made the Google algorithm. To filter and sort the search result pages based on their relevance priorities. These factors are included: fresh and unique content, region, domain, and Page Rank.

Evolution of Search

Give relevant answers that users are looking for is the main focus of Google and this make Google as the number one search engine on the internet. Ben Gomes, a Google vice president of engineering, said, "Our goal is to get you the exact answer you're searching."

Since the beginning of Google always make changes to its search algorithm, in the attempt to provide an answer quickly and accurately. Algorithm changes sometimes occur very drastic, but how it can provide results that are relevant to user searches.

Many of the websites affected by changes in the algorithm, consequently websites that do not provide a good quality for the user will get a lower rank. While sites that have better quality get better rankings and get huge traffic from organic search.

Since 2014, Google has done a 500 times change its search algorithm. Many sites are drastic traffic decreased due to low rankings in the search engines.

Below are the major changes of the Google algorithm that is always in the update and significantly impact the search results, content writing, SEO strategy. (Next couples of days I will write on these algorithms in the SEO category of The Tricks Peak – keep visit us).

The Google Algorithms are:

  • Google Panda Algorithm
  • Google Penguin Algorithm
  • Google Hummingbird algorithm
  • Google Pigeon Algorithm

Hopefully, you have understood the basic about search engines especially Google. If you like our articles, please share with you friends, thanks.