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How To Create Your Money Making Mobile Application

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Do you want to create a Mobile App? Do you have an Idea to make a mobile app? If you are searching to get the basic idea about create a mobile application. Then you are the right place, here I am going to show you step to step guide to built your own app. If you have not a basic skill of mobile app development, don't worry! You don’t need any special skill to create it?  You can still create it, and even make some money on this.

How to Build Mobile App Your Own? – Step to Step Complete Guide

First Step: Collecting The idea

Before the beginning of the application development, you need to decide how you'll make it?

You need to collect idea for your Application. To start collecting the ideas, first think for whom you wish to make a Mobile Application, for example, if you live near a tourists spot city, where a lot of tourists come and visit, it is possible to think about creating applications for them. The options are many.

Let's think, if you are a tourist, you travel frequently and want to visit the most famous clubs around the world. You made a list of your favorite places. Why not convert the database to the application for travelers? This idea, you can make your idea like this.

Do not despair if you can find something similar to your idea when searching through the App Store. Learn to think outside the box. For example, there are several applications that provide information and maps of all the most popular tourist destinations in Moscow. But there is an application that provides information about unusual places in the city, which not everyone knows.

Many well-known applications are not centered around special interests, but they are always in the top three ratings - a game. Temple Run, Minecraft. Gaming applications tend to make more money because users are more willing to pay for them, especially if they are very popular among users.

Try to come up with an idea that will have few competitors. But if you are determined to implement your ideas in the application, despite the competition, take a look at your competitors and try to figure out what you can do to make your application to be better than them.

Here are some important points to consider while you planning to create your application:

  • Do you plan to develop the application yourself, or you are able to hire a team of programmers?
  • The application will be useful to people
  • Does the application require daily monitoring
  • Do you want your application to become your primary business or just a single project
  • What platforms will run your application

Second Step: Types of Mobile Applications

There are so many categories in which you can create an application. Here's a list of examples of some of the most popular options.

  • Games (Angry Birds)
  • Travel (TripAdvisor)
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • News (NTV News)
  • Music (Spotify, Pandora)
  • Videos (Vine)
  • Utilities (a flashlight)
  • Photos (Instagram, Picstitch)

Third Step: Monetization Options For Mobile Application

And here is our main option by which we can make some money via mobile applications. There are several basic ways to monetize applications:

  • Free application. Typically used by large companies and organization and the app helps sell their products or services.
  • The free app with ads. It is used in popular applications, actively interacting with the user
  • Paid application. The most popular and profitable form of monetization. With each sale of your Apple applications takes a commission of 30%.
  • Lite and Pro applications. Lite app is free, but with a limited set of functions. Buying Pro you unlock the full functionality
  • Purchases within the application. You can sell the new features and new levels of the game right from the app

Fourth Step: Development

Now you have an idea. But what now? We assume that you, like most people, there is no programming experience. And that's fine! There are a lot of options.

If you want to go easily, but more expensive way, then have a look at the sites of developers of mobile applications. The site allows you to enter the desired AppBooker platform country, your budget, and then it will return a list of developers that meet your needs. Selecting Developer, you can see a list of its clients and the types of applications in which they specialize.

Note: Here are a few questions to ask your future developer:

  1. The value of their work?
  2. On whom they have worked in the past?
  3. Are their applications successful?
  4. Will I have all the rights to the application?
  5. Do they have the expertise to bring your idea to life?
  6. Under which platforms (IOS, Android, etc.), they can create an application?

Fifth Step: Cost of App Development

Depending on the type of application that you want to do, the price can vary from $ 500 to $ 100,000. This price may seem high, but it is worth bearing in mind that the profit from a successful application covers the costs several times. Furthermore, video games are the most expensive in terms of development, as are the bestsellers.

As they say, to make money they have to spend the first. It is not so when it comes to mobile applications, but will return to this below. In the meantime, let's say you decided to order the application developer.

If you already have some ideas (for example, layout and graphics), developer can significantly reduce the price.

To learn about how much will it cost to develop an application, you can use a calculator how much to make an app. It was created by a Canadian company You can also see examples of applications already created with the prices – here at

You can place your completed and finished application on the App store will cost you $ 99.9 per year. Placing applications to the Android Market is $ 25.

How to Create a Mobile Application For Free

If you do not want to hire any developer for your application then you may take advantage of special online designers of mobile applications. With these sites, you can learn to develop your demo application for education purpose only; here you can make free plain application without programming experience. But if you want something special, you have to go to premium services.

  • Appsmakerstore dot com
  • freeandroidappmaker dot com
  • Infinitemonkeys dot mobi
  • ibuildapp dot com
  • yapp dot us

How Much Can You Earn From Mobile Application?

Congratulation! You have built your first mobile application, now it is the time to earn some money. Here you need to know the importance of popularity of your application if your app has a good ranking at app store then you will earn decent money. Obviously, the money you earn on your application will largely depend on its popularity, and how much you earn is hard to say. A study from GigaOM Pro showed that more than half of 352 respondents’ developers earn less than $ 500 per month. This is of course not enough to live only on the income from the application, but fine if you just want to earn a little extra money.

Final Tips:

In order to make good money on your application, read a few final tips:

  • your application must be used by the wider audience
  • Explore and place in the most popular applications on the market
  • currently, it is easier to make money on the applications for IOS
  • Make your application available for Ipad.

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