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How To Download Paid Apps For Free – Legally

Nabeel Shoro Apps Review

Google Play providing free applications for Android users, the Google Play also offers paid applications that you can pay to download and use. However, if you do not like to spend money to get possession of this app, you can find a free version of it for use or through the external source, though it is dangerous when not one can control the security of applications offered by "external sources. If you would like to know some trusted app store besides Google Play store than read another post about “Top 10 app store than Google Play Store which can be trusted”.

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is a private App Store for Android was developed by Amazon, specialized in providing premium applications but is free, the user can download paid apps easily. Amazon can see Underground is an upgrade of the program altogether "Free app of the day" of the Amazon before.


At Amazon Underground, you can easily find and download applications and famous games as Final Kick, Star Wars, Weather and Radar Pro and much more... with all features as like as paid apps if you purchased from Google Play Store.

Here you might think that why application developer has satisfied before this action of the Amazon? The answer is, Amazon itself will pay for these application developers and Amazon sends the Android user to use Amazon Underground, as well as downloading apps that Amazon will spend corresponding amounts for the developers. And this is also seen as ways to promote the developers build better applications and attract more users.



PlayStoreSales is an android app store which offers a discount apps on Google Play. Besides, it also provides a list of the paid applications for “Now Free” on Google Play so that users can choose their favorite apps and download them to use. Although, not professional like Amazon Underground but well worth the visit to try.

playstoresales now free

PlayStoreSales also provides email notification for these deals; you can subscribe their newsletter and get an email alert whenever some new deals or free apps posted without having to visit the website.

Google Opinion Rewards

If you still cannot find a way to be able to download premium applications that you want for free, perhaps you need to use a great feature of Google Opinion Rewards to earn some money, later you can purchase any premium app from this money.

Google Opinion Rewards - Earn Rewards

This app will send you a survey to fill out and once completed, Google will "pay" for you with the price is 0.99USD / times. Consequently, if need to spend to $ 20 to buy apps, you simply take about a couple of months.

The average time for each survey will be 1 times/week. It all depends on the geographic location you're in, the operation and the extent to answer your survey. In short, this is a remarkable solution for you to earn some reward in spare time.

App of the Day 

app of the day - Free application

Finally, if you are not concerned with the free program series, the App of the Day is a great choice for you. Every day, the application will be filtered and listed one paid app but free for you.

Hopefully, the article will be useful to you.