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How to feel comfortable after retirement

Financial security is the key to a happy retirement, as your level of wealth after graduation and your future lifestyle depend on it.

Of course, we cannot predict what awaits us in the future, but we can protect ourselves from unpleasant consequences. To secure a comfortable living standard after retirement, it is important to start planning your finances now. In this article, we’ll talk about how in you can independently save for a decent pension.

How to save up for a decent pension yourself with the help of non-state insurance

On the one hand, after retirement, a person has a lot of time for new hobbies and hobbies – everything that we often deny ourselves while we work. On the other hand, even after reaching retirement age, many have to work to maintain the same standard of living, since the pension is not always enough to even meet basic needs. Insurance in such cases helps to guarantee additional income and protect you from unpleasant situations.

Pension insurance can be an excellent source of income in addition to your government pension and will allow you to maintain your usual comfortable standard of living after you retire. You will be able not only to accumulate the necessary amount for your pension but also to increase it due to the additional investment income paid by the insurance company. Some people are also worried about how to save up for retirement without officially working. You can conclude a contract with an insurance company, even if you work without formal employment, but you should take into account that this may affect the number of pension payments.

With care for the well-being of its clients, MetLife offers three insurance programs with flexible insurance conditions, allowing clients to independently choose the risks they need.

Pension insurance programs.

You can choose one of three insurance programs, depending on which one suits you best:

” All my life ” guarantees you a lifetime of monthly payments after retirement, as well as protection against risks such as illness and departure from life.

” Classic + ” will help you build long-term savings and protect your savings from your impulsive spending. Also, the program includes protection against risks that may occur to the insured during the duration of the program.

” Course of Life ” allows you to ensure the safety of your savings by a certain date. Under the program, you can receive insurance benefits not only after the end of the program but even in the event of risks such as death and disability.

You can learn more about each of the programs and their features from our financial consultants. They will help you find the best option for your personal needs.

Pension insurance allows you to create savings for a comfortable life after retirement and look confidently into the future. It is advisable to start making retirement savings in advance since over a long period you will be able to create capital without harming the family budget. Start planning your retirement now!

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