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How to Find a Perfect Developer for you Company

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An ideal candidate should have a deep knowledge of the required programming language. However, it would be more valuable if he or she knew other coding languages to become more flexible and be able to work in future projects. It is also essential that developers have the ability to communicate effectively with all the members of the team and, in particular, with the customer to make sure that all the needs are understood at the beginning of each project thus saving development time and later changes. The software world is a fast paced, ever evolving environment and thus it is necessary to be able to meet very strict deadlines, be flexible and be creative. Furthermore, requirements often change during the course of large projects, thus having experience in lean programming is essential. While establishing which are the desired skills of candidates is a relatively simple task, finding and especially evaluating such candidates before hiring them is particularly complex. It is easy to imagine how time consuming it would be to carry out some interviews and then perform technical tests where candidates show their qualities. In particular, this could become complicated because candidates may not be willing to code unpaid during an interview and evaluating some soft skills like team work is can be complicated unless certain people are in the interview. This can be difficult when everybody is busy with his or her own work.

Therefore, traditional methods to recruit candidates such as adverts in websites might be inadequate because it difficult or impossible to determine whether a candidate has the expertise and talent. It would appear interesting to be able to evaluate these important skills. As a result, hackathons have become an attractive option.

What is hackathon? Hackathons are an original and effective way to find candidates for open tech positions by engaging hidden talents with coding competitions. During online challenges professionals can show off their skills and get hired. This way, organisations can discover & recruit new talents, assess programming skills, improve time-to-hire, and source innovations.

Hackathons offer a unique environment for both recruiters and job seekers. Why? Recruiters can prepare specific problems of interest to different companies. For instance a group of companies could be interested in SAP or maybe in C++ whereas companies looking for web developers may prefer problems based on PHP.

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How to Find a Perfect Developer for you Company

Why would candidates attend to such an event? Hackathons, or coding competitions, are popular because of the rewards, which may or may not include a financial price. But usually, it is the prestige that attracts the most brilliant professionals, thus becoming a win-win situation for both recruiters and job-seekers.