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How to Fix Blue Screen Problem of Microsoft Windows

No one deserves to go through the dreaded "Blue Screen" Windows, is not it? Have you ever had to face this situation? Just think: You are using your computer and suddenly it crashes and a blue screen appears! But no need to worry, I will help you do everything back to normal when it happens.

First, let me tell you the cause: when this happens is that the operating system may be trying to recover from problems related to the programs of computer itself, to prevent further damage from happening. It's like a fever in a young child is a warning about something that can happen more ahead! So, without pretending it never happened.

How to Fix Blue Screen Problem
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If you have Windows 8, in place of the Blue Screen will show a sad face and a text stating what the problem is, but it remains an error screen. Either version 8 or 7, the way to fix it. Let's see what we do.

Microsoft recommends observe whether it is possible or not to start the system after a crash. If you can, the first thing is to undo any recent, because this may be the source of the problem. To begin click the "Start" button and when the search box appears, type "System Restore" and click this option. Go by following the instructions.

There is also a more advanced alternative, though simple too. Just use the Action Center. It can be found by "Start" button. Go to "Control Panel" and then go to System and Security. Then click Check the status of the computer and then Maintenance.

Now, choose Check for solutions to problem reports and click Check for solutions. The system automatically finds the best solution to the problem and, if it exists, tells you what to do.

The last thing is to look for recent installations of the system that get it right the error that is happening. You can check if there is any update on the Windows Update,

This tool was made to keep the system always up to date and new updates may fix the error causing the locking your machine.

To check for updates go to Start, type Update in the search box and click Windows Update. Then choose Find Updates and wait while the system searches for the most current versions of drivers. Check all the updates you want to install and click OK, accept the license terms and ready. Now just wait for the update.

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If your system continues to have crashes with blue screen then I recommend look for a service technician, all other possible solutions need more advanced knowledge in the system and any action can harm instead of solving the problem. And it's great to count on those who work specifically with this, right?

Any questions, you've faced regarding the Blue Screen? I'm here! please tell me.

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