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How To Get Lots of Users to Your Product

Here is a collection of free ways that you can use as a way to acquire customers and reduce customer acquisition costs drastically.

Sales directly: Approach and build relationships with your first 1000 customers. Use email, social media, and phone, meet them directly and ask them to sign up to your application. You need to remember that these people are the people that are important to the growth of your start-up. They are the people you meet and have a personal relationship with you. Feedback they would have a major impact on the development of your application.

Partnership: Find a company that can complement your start-up and wake up mutually beneficial cooperation with them. This company Assist with creating their value so that you can enter into a collection of their email list for free.

Piggy backing: Take advantage of a large platform as a way to increase the number of users in your business. You can imitate Instagram to build cross-post feature where you can post photos on Facebook and Twitter. Take advantage group of more than 200 people a good value for them. That way they will not mind listening to the pitch of your application.

Group Facebook and LinkedIn: Approach the owner of the group that are relevant to your business and offer them values ​​that are beneficial to both parties.

Reddit: Reddit is famous as the largest forum in the world. Take advantage from this related to your business and leave a comment there. Remember not spamming. Interact with users who also joined in there and wake up a relationship with them. And do not forget to explain about your application.

Comments: Perform 5-10 search keywords related to your business on Google and leave a comment on the related page. Remember not spamming, provide quality response, or advice that helps for anyone who read it.

Giveaway: Create a campaign giveaway - offering free content or free products to your customers.

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Guest Post: Do a guest blog post on some well-known that suits your business. Create quality content, has a value, and offer your article to the blog. People who do that would be familiar to readers of the blog. And this is a free opportunity that can not be thrown away instead?

Referral: Send an email to users who have joined to you and ask them to reference it to others. This referral can you combine it with a giveaway that more and more people who want to reference it to get free of the content or products your business. Discounts in large amounts can also encourage people to get them to refer your business to their friends.

Users of competitors: Approach customers, who have joined in the business of your competitors by finding them on Twitter or Facebook, then offer them your application to explain the benefits of the business compared to your competitors.

Think creatively: Think of creative ways, there are a lot of new channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social networks that you can use to increase the number of users. Specifically in Asia, maybe you can use the messaging app like LINE etc to increase the number of users.

Blogger: Blogger is a person who is important because they usually have a great time and also loyal.Approach them to expand the promotion of your product by offering a demo or early access from your application to them. At least, build a good relationship with them.

Large Blog: Try to do a pitch to major tech blogs so that they want to cover your business. Perform pitch with short, dense, and obviously emailed to journalists in the blog. And do not be disappointed if you do not reply to emails because usually journalists also assess your application excellence. Try it again when your application is already showing something to be proud of.

Search for attention: Make controversy related to your industry to get attention.

Networking: Go to networking events to exchange business cards and build cooperative relationships. From here you will get a lot of opportunities. You can write a link to your website in the cards so that people who read it can directly visit your website and get to know your product. In this event it is possible that you can meet with potential investors who will assist you in building your start-up.

Sponsor: You can come to be a sponsor at the event related to your business by offering free food or drink or anything else. Instead, the more people who know your business.

Events pitching: pitching event is an opportunity to show off the advantages of your application. By joining this event you will not only be known to many people, but if your product is really good, investors will come in person to you and invest them to you.

Start-up Directory: Join in some sites that promote your business.  
Competition: There can be no doubt; competition is what will make your adrenaline up and down. Competition makes you always think about the advantages that you can offer to your customers. With your competition will follow the development of your competitors to be aware of their movement further. If you have a lot of information about your competitors, use it as a weapon to stay ahead of them in the market.

Local News: Approach websites that discuss local news in your area.If they are interested, the article "a young businessman is trying to solve a big problem" would have appeared in the local news in your area.

Google Alert: Use Google Alerts to monitor the interesting things on the service you are creating.

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