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How to Make Android Phone As a USB stick

You feel confused when your USB Stick became out of order or it faces some errors. Don’t worry; forget the USB Stick, especially if you currently have an Android phone. Now, Android phones can also be used as a USB flash to help you get the job done such as creating, editing, and completing various files.

Android phone that is equipped with an SD card is the right choice. And for those of you who do not know how to use your Android phone as a USB Stick.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make an Android phone as a USB stick. Let’s follow the following tips.

  • First

Connect android to USB port found on the computer via USB data cable. Then select the option “mass storage” when the pop up appears on the android device.

  • Second

If you want to do this each time to make an android device as a modem, select the option “always ask”, then click “done”. Wait until the next pop up on the android device. Then, you will be asked whether you want to enable USB storage on an android device. Click the Ok option. Then, mount the android device when prompted. Usually, on most operating systems, it happens automatically, so no need to mount it manually. Your device may be recognized as an “SD card” on the computer, but it depends on the operating system being used.

  • Third

After doing two tips, then you need to open the file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer on Windows) on the computer that you use and find the location of the android device. Then create a new folder in it. Give a unique name and a corresponding desire. This will be a home directory on the phone.

  • Fourth

This is the last step, if you’re done with work, you need to pull out (unplug) the android phone you use is safe. To remove the android phone, you simply right-click on “SD Card” and select the Eject option to be a safe path to the file – your file is not lost. Wait until the pop-up that says that the SD card can be safely unplugged.

Now that there were a few tips that you can do to make an Android phone as a USB stick.

Enjoy 🙂

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