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How to make money online using

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Do you have a website and do you think it has the potential to monetize it? Perfect, then it's time to become an editor in Publisuites.
Do you have a Facebook Fan Page and do you think it has the potential to monetize it? Perfect, then it's time to become an editor in Publisuites.
Do you have a Twitter account and do you think it has the potential to monetize it? Perfect, then it's time to become an editor in Publisuites.
Do you have an Instagram account and do you think it has the potential to monetize it? Perfect, then it's time to become an editor in Publisuites.
Do you have writing skills and do you think it has the potential to monetize it? Perfect, then it's time to become an editor in Publisuites.

In today's Guide, we will show you How to make money online using, and start earning money with it in a systematic way in many steps.

You may ask yourself.. Who are the publishers? 

What is Publisuites?

Publisuites is a platform that connects advertisers (marketing agencies and brands)
with publishers.
Publisuites are the owners of high-quality blogs, digital journals,
Twitter accounts, Facebook Fan Pages or freelance editors. They
offer their digital media and services and earn money from that.

Working and logging in is totally free and we will never ask you to pay anything for working with
Publisuites. You can log in as a publisher here:

You’ll see different sections to add your services when you register yourself on the
platform: Websites (for blogs and digital press media), Facebook (for Facebook Fan
Pages with +1000 fans), Twitter (for accounts with +1000 followers) and editors (for
freelance copywriters)
When you add any of your services they will be approved by our team within the
following 24 working hours.
Once your service is approved you’ll be able to sell and gain money with Publisuites.

How to Earn Money with Publisuites?

You’ll need to have at least one of the following services: -

  • A blog

Low-quality blogs are not allowed such as the ones created only to sell sponsored posts or to enter Publisuites. Publisuites only have high-quality blogs that are updated frequently. If your blog is abandoned it won’t be valid and therefore it won’t be accepted on the platform. Once you register yourself as a publisher you can add your website and fill in its data (description, categories, non accepted topics, and so on). Publisuites will give you a guide price which you can accept or modify. Remember you set the final price.

Website requirements:-

Added blogs or websites mustn’t have duplicated content, be link farms (where all posts have external links), contain only images or have intrusive advertisements (too many pop-ups) that complicate visibility.

Verify your website:-

Publisuites need to verify that the website belongs to you. While adding it, you’ll see that the last step is the verification. And there are three ways to do it, choose the one that fits you the best: - Insert the code that we will provide you with the head of your website. - Download a file and upload it to server’s root. - Connect it with Google Analytics.

  • A digital journal

If you own a digital press media you can add it to the platform or ask Publisuites to manage it. Publisuites have special prices for them and Publisuites can get an extra source of income by selling online press releases. You have to follow the same steps as when adding a blog to add the journal to our platform. Go to “Websites” -> “+ Add Website” and fill in the requested data. If you prefer Publisuites can manage it for you. You only have to send an email to . She'll be in charge of managing your orders.

  • A Facebook or Fan Page with +1000 fans:-

If you have a high-quality community created in a natural way you will be more than welcome. Publisuites won’t accept pages with bought or fake followers, non-updated or inactive accounts. Facebook mentions are a fast way to gain money. You only have to log in as a publisher and connect your Facebook Fan Page with Publisuites.

You will be asked to log in to Facebook. Once the platform recognizes all your Facebook Fan Pages then you’ll be able to choose which Facebook Fan Page you want to use to earn money with.

Before that, you’ll be asked to fill in some data such as the minimum rate you accept per mention (tip: the lower your rate is, the more campaigns you’ll receive), the categories you are used to writing about, if your posts are written by a man, a woman, a business or other characters, the language, and so on. You will start receiving orders in your email once you are connected. And you’ll also be able to see them directly in your publisher’s account by clicking on “Sales > Mentions”.

To participate in a campaign you’ll have to press the green button. You’ll see the details of the order established by the advertiser on a window where you can send the mention. Mentions can be moderated or published directly, depending on the advertiser’s decision while creating the campaign. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can always reject it.

  • A Twitter account with +1000 followers:-

Twitter accounts have the same conditions as Facebook Fan Pages. Followers must be real and there should be the interaction between them. Non-Twitter accounts are not allowed to be on Publisuites. The process to add Twitter accounts is the same as Facebook Fan Pages. You have to be registered as a publisher, click on “Twitter” and then on “Connect to Twitter”.

You’ll be asked to accept all permits that our App requests.

Once you have connected it, you’ll need to fill in the data such as your rate per Tweet, topics you often talk about, language, a country where your followers are from, if you write as a woman or man, and so on).

Then, you will start receiving active campaigns on your email. You will also see them in your Publishers account. Pending campaigns will be on “Sales > Tweets”. If you see, the process is the same as when adding a Facebook Fan Page.

  •  An Instagram account with +1.000 followers:-

If you have more than 1.000 real followers and you interact with your publications we have a space for you. You can add your Instagram account to your Publisher’s profile. Go to the Instagram tab and then click on “Connect to Instagram”. You will be asked to login on Instagram and authorize us to access to your basic information so we can verify the account is yours.

Then, you will have to complete the data about your profile with the info you want the advertisers to see. You can write about the topics you mainly post so the advertisers have more details about you.

Once your account is verified and approved by Publisuites team, Publisuites will send you an email when an advertiser wants to buy you a release. You can also see this info in your publisher’s account on Publisuites. You’ll be able to see if you have pending orders by clicking on “Sales > Instagram”. It’s basically the same process we have on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Freelance editors:-

If you don’t any digital media but you know how to write content for advertisers (brands and agencies). Your texts can be published on their blogs or their client's blogs. You only have to sign up as an editor. You will receive an application form to fill in with your personal data and a text test. If we find out the text is copied or there are Spelling and Grammar mistakes you’ll be rejected. Send the application to the “Editors” area. Remember you cannot use your real name. Therefore, you will have to choose a nickname which cannot be modified. (Full names and @twitters are not allowed.)

Your orders will be available on “Sales > Articles” once you are accepted as an editor. You’ll find a list of the articles you have received and the ones that are in progress.

How do I cash the money I have already earned?

When you have a minimum of 5€ in your wallet you will be able to collect your money. You can ask for the payment and receive your money through PayPal. It’s valid for all countries. You will receive the payment within a maximum period of 10 working days from the moment you request it. To request the payment you can go to your Wallet and click on the bar located on top, or click on the total amount located on top of the webpage.

Once you have clicked on “Request payment” you will have to indicate the amount you want to collect and the payment method.

Is Publisuites reliable?

Publisuites can tell you we are and we’re not the only ones thinking this way. You can search on Google and prove it by yourself. You’ll see reviews and payment receipts that our publishers have shared. Publisuites have been working since 2014 and all the requested payments have been paid. Moreover, you can consult our tax data in Spain since we are a serious and legally formed company.

Publisuites data: Publisuites S.L. B70428354 Doctor Fleming 6, Local 2, 1D 28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, (Spain) Last but not least, we invite you to meet with us on our website. We have a special area where you can see who is behind the screen, with pictures and full names. Roll the mouse over our faces and you’ll see a surprise.