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How To Make Money via Sell Your Instagram Photos

How To Make Money via Sell Your Instagram Photos

Nabeel Shoro Making Revenue

Do you love to take the photos for your Instagram account? Did you know that you can earn money from your Instagram photos? I wrote last Tuesday about the mobile app Fotolia Instant, which gives the opportunity to Take Photo From Your Smartphone And Earn Money in the photo bank Fotolia. Today I want to tell you about another brand-new service named Mobiistock. This site will sell the pictures from your Instagram account. Each photo can be sell for $ 15 if your photo has met the Mobiistock requirement. (read the paragraph below to understand the requirements of Mobiistock) If your photo will not reject, you get 50% on each sale. Awesome! So hurry up! And register your account here.

I invite all lovers of photography to upload your photos to this service, maybe it will be your additional income.

Please note that: While registration on Mobiistock by my invitation only, a small bonus to my readers, everyone who signs up on my invitation will receive $ 5 on an account, so sign up and get your account here. Payment system: Monthly payments through PayPal. Registration: Via Facebook, Instagram account or email. You will have to connect your Instagram account to sell your photos.

Before the photos appear in the Mobiistock directory, they must be checked by moderators. It takes a few hours, but it may be delayed and for 3 days. Consider also the difference of time zones with the United States.

What may reject the photo to sell?

  • Pornographic materials.
  • A Photo is blurred or of low quality.
  • Too many filters.
  • Photos of offensive material.
  • Visible trademark or logo.
  • Photos with pictures frame.
  • Photos of the type already on the site.
  • Selfie is not accepted
  • Picture is too dark
  • Photos should be without signatures or watermarks quotes.

My final words for great site Mobiistock.

Mobiistock gives you all rights to your photos and you can sell them elsewhere. Mobiistock also promises to release the app for iOS and Android.

You can invite your friends to Mobiistock using your referral link. If your friend decides to buy Mobiistock photos, you will get $ 1 from each purchase.