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How to Migrate From iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone

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Smartphones are essential part of our digital life. Every smartphone has different kind of features. Many people always want new things. So if you are one of them and you are not happy with your phone? And want to use android or Apple iPhone. It’s no doubt both smartphones have many good features but if you want to change your phone then what will you do with your music, your photos and your contacts?  Don’t worry! Here I am going to guide you how to migrate from android to iPhone and iPhone to Android. There are some things you should know and be prepared to do before that.

So, let’s prepare our smartphone for migration. First we will try these tips on Android.

Migrate All data from Android to iPhone

How to Migrate From IPhone to Android

Transferring contacts with Google Account: Make sure your contacts saved in your Google Account. This will facilitate you while the migration process from one platform to other. Just go into Settings> Mail, contacts and calendars and add your Google account. Be sure to allow synchronization of contacts to Google account. After enabling synchronization you can access it on iPhone.

Transferring Apps from Android to iPhone: Unfortunately, you're out of luck because there is no easy way to do it. You'll have to download again all the apps you had on Google Play Store, now on the Apple App Store. Even if you purchased an app on the Google store, you'll probably have to repurchase it in the Apple store.

Transferring pictures and videos from Android to iPhone: There are several methods of doing this, using applications such as Copy my date and PhotoSync, which allow the direct transfer from one phone to another, or you can also use cloud services like Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and even the recently launched Google Photos that is good for synchronization function on multiple devices.

You can also use iTunes to it, going through the photos from your Android phone to your computer, synchronizing them with the program and then transferring them to the iPhone.

Transferring music from Android to iPhone: If you put your favorite Mp3 on your phone and want to transfer it to iPhone then the process is the same as above item, you need iTunes. Just sync the songs you have by dragging them into iTunes and then pass them by iPhone. After plugging the phone on your personal computer, enter your iPhone and music and choose whether you want to spend your entire library or just some artists and tracks.

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Migrate All data from iPhone to Android

Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Android: The best way to transfer contacts is via iTunes. Connect iPhone to your computer, click the iPhone on the top right. Open the Info tab and check the Synchronize contacts box. Then select Google Contacts and enter your username and password when prompted. Your contacts will be integrated into Google account. Just use it on your new Android.

Transferring Apps from iPhone to Android: Same thing of Android the way for iPhone; there is no simple way. You have to download and repurchase again, one by one, the apps you've purchased from the iPhone platform.

Transferring pictures and videos from iPhone to Android: If you do not use any cloud service, the simplest way to do this is by plugging the iPhone into the PC and copying the folder of photos by Windows Explorer to your computer. Then connect the Android phone on the PC and enjoy the freedom to use it as a storage and there keep the photos you took of your iPhone.

Transferring Music from iphone to Android: Another simple step allowed by the technique of drag and drop. Find the folder on your computer where the music stored and simply drag the files into the Music directory on your Android, which must be connected by USB. You can also use the AirDroid application to accomplish the task via Wi-Fi.