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How to open 404 pages not found error – What to do

Did you face a 404 error, while browsing the internet once in a lifetime, you actively use the Internet has had to deal with it? In most cases, this causes discontent and the user immediately closes the error page. But if you have a book market that page and have very important information or article and you need to read it again. However, today The Tricks Peak author brings you several ways to solve the problem.

With active surfing on the Internet, you often have to deal with broken pages or entire sites. This usually happens when you follow a link from a search engine or your bookmarked pages. In this case, a special page appears with code 404.

Verify Address

The first thing to do is to check the page address. If you entered it manually, then there may be typos or extra characters. If you follow the link, then the problem may be in it. Since people fill the sites, they too can make mistakes and put broken links. In this case, you must carefully review the address. 

Copy the full address of the link: right-click on the link and select “Copy link address”. Paste it into any text editor and review it carefully. Perhaps in the link, there are extra characters, spaces or something else is out of order.

Try also to search for the page address in the search engine. Perhaps the search engine will give the correct link without errors.

Also, the page could be renamed, but the redirect is not configured. In this case, you will not be transferred to a new address. It is impossible to guess what exactly changed the page address. One can only assume that it is still on the site and has a similar name. Try to search the page for keywords on the site itself or through a search engine.

You can also write to the owners of the site, perhaps they will prompt you a new address or give the necessary information.

Try a different browser

It is unlikely, but still worth trying another browser. If the page opens in it, then the problem is on your side. Try clearing your browser cache. 

Find the saved copy of the page

If all else fails, you can try to find a saved copy of the page. This can be done through a search engine or website

If you went to a page from a search engine, then return to the search results and open a cached copy. You can also open a copy right away using the cache statement.

Website offers a little more functionality. If the page was popular, then you can find several copies of it stored at different times.

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