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How to play Minecraft on your phone
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How to play Minecraft on your phone

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Many of us have played one of the most popular computer game, Minecraft. This is loved by millions, it has won the hearts of people of all generations from toddlers to the elderly, but few people know that Minecraft can be played on a phone running Android. All you have to do is download and install it.

Minecraft for Android

The mobile version for playing Minecraft differs slightly from the computer one, although the game was practically rewritten from scratch. Developers are simultaneously updating both series - computer (Java Edition) and pocket (Pocket Edition). This means that the mobile version of the game already contains new blocks and that fans have liked so much. To play Minecraft version on your phone, you just need to download minecraft 1.14 on your phone and install it! 

Installing Minecraft on Android

There are two ways to install a game on your phone. The first method is official, it requires an installed Play Store. When installing a game from the Play Store, you will have to pay for it, as the game is paid.

Official way

Go to the play store and click the Buy button. After paying for the purchase, the game will be installed automatically.


The mobile version of the game supports not an only single-player mode but also playing on the server. You can also use various console commands, install your favorite free updates to diversify the gameplay.

The mobile version of the game is less resource-demanding than the computer version. Despite this, in terms of its capabilities, it is not inferior in anything. The only thing you have to get used to is management. In other words, experienced players are not inconvenienced by this.

The movement is controlled by the thumb of the left hand; it is more convenient to control the inventory with two hands. It is better to attack with your right hand to have moved during the attack.

I hope you have no problems installing the game? Write in the comments, we will help you.

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