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How to Protect Smartphone Screen

Nabeel Shoro

Smartphones is certainly one of the most problematic things, have a smartphone with a touch screen can cause fingerprints which over time will make smartphones more quickly scratched. Today I am going to give you some tips on how to protect smartphones screen. In this article are several ways to do so that smartphone screen does not quickly scratch.

Some ways are actually easy to do, but because of negligence and consider it insignificant that can damage the touch screen smartphone that makes the display device uncomfortable if you replace the screen was quite expensive.

This is it 5 ways to make your smartphone screen is not quickly scratched.

  1. Install Screen Protector

Lots of smartphone users not to install the screen protector. Screen guard protector is an important thing that must be installed on the mobile phone touch screen when first purchased to prevent scratches on the screen so that the screen is clear durable.

  1. Avoid Nails

The use touch screen at first instructed to use a finger, but sometimes users who have long nails make them more use of nails to operate it. In fact, the sharp part of the nail we could have left a mark on the screen.

  1. Don’t press too hard

Currently smartphone screen presented with just one touch of sophistication, so simply touch the screen only when navigating without pressing too hard. Therefore, press the screen too hard can make a screen damaged and quickly scratched.

  1. Keep away from direct sun

Using a smartphone should not be too long exposed to sunlight can damage the thin gel layer contained on the touch screen.

  1. Clean the right way

Smartphone screen is also very easy to dirty due to dust or sweat, so as to prevent the user quickly scratched need to clean the right way by using a soft, dry materials.

Well, that's some suggestion from my side. Hope you follow them and let your smartphone screen for long-lasting life.

Have Nice Day!