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How to receive emails from Gmail directly in Telegram

How to receive emails from Gmail directly in Telegram

Today we will tell you how to use Telegram into a full-fledged Gmail email client.

Telegram is popular among many countries due to its growing scope of a regular messaging program. Nowadays it is developing an ecosystem that will replace many social networks, forums, chat rooms, and news sites. Today, here we will teach you, how to use Telegram to work with Gmail email. If you are interested to use Telegram as a Gmail email client then read below lines till the end. 

Method to use Telegram as a Gmail email Client.

To make Telegram as Gmail client, you need a special bot. It is called Gmail Bot and is located here.

After adding the bot to the desktop, you need to authorize it in your Google account. To do this, click on the Authorize Me button. A popup with a link will appear. Clicking on it will open the authorization page in your Google account in the browser.

After obtaining permission, the bot will be ready to work and download all the letters from the Inbox. By default, only the short version is displayed, so click on the Show More button to download all the text. Nearby is the Actions button, with which you can reply to an email, mark it as read, delete it, and so on.

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after that look at the bot settings ("Command" → Settings). Here you can configure filters with which Telegram will notify you only of those emails that are marked with special labels.

Gmail Bot is useful to everyone who uses Telegram as the main working tool. Now it will be possible to receive instant notifications about the necessary emails and respond to them without leaving this Telegram application.