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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate on the Website or Blog

Today I will explain the method of reducing the rate of bounce and to clarify the concept of apostasy, we will take the following example:- your site visitors and a- -b- a- the first visitor to read the position of the subject and move on to the second reverse visited -b- which came and went quickly.

Bounce ratio: 50% because the action in the following form Page 1> Page 2> exit.

Bounce ratio: 100% due to the entry and exit for one page 1> exit.

Of course, these rates can be changed depending on the case of entry visitors throughout the week.

Today will be our conversation about how to reduce the proportion of bounce rate to ensure fit with our search engine optimization (SEO), there are many ways to do this and we’ll mentioning respectively and the application of these strategies properly will lead you to the wonderful and amazing results.

The First Method: Design and Coordination of the Site Pages

It is true that “the first impression for the visitor is the last impression” when entering the visitor to your site that you have created for him, give him all reasons to stay and encouragement to visit more pages.

Design your web page should be perfectly enough to pull the user’s attention. User behavior on the site will have the following figure when the user logs on to the site to read an article that he was looking for, and then to consider the design of the page and the rest of the parts of the site, and here is the Department of stimulating the senses. If the site has been fully attracting the visitor. It will navigate between pages of your site and also will return once again to the site because the bounce rate is also affected by the number of times refer to the site. In this important section, if we pay attention to:

  • That the structure of the page has been planned well.
  • Make lists of sidebar more creative and attract the uses.

The Second Method: Main Menu

At this point, we know that all visitors have become accustomed to finding a list of sections at the top of the site, so you have to pay attention to keep the list in a place in front of users. The color arrangement, the background should be relevant to your site template and never strange practices that annoyed visitors and staying away from the site. You must pay attention to the following:

  • To keep the menu as simple as possible and keep it in front of users.
  • Addresses must be distinguished more attractive to visitors.
  • If you are using models jQuery or javascript you make sure it works on all browsers.

The Third Method: Keep Your Site Simple

In my post of Few Basic Tips for Basic Blogging, I also mentioned about # Simplicity and light colors to choose from.

Never confuse your visitors and guests, give them a clear idea about what and where they can reach the contents and articles, they are looking for. Never participate in illegal activities, it can be hidden links, force to click on ads or internal links, or for any reason whatsoever.

The fourth Method: Never Copy other Content

If you think you copy the content from other websites, will take you to get visitors and attracted them to your site, I regret to tell you that you are a big mistake.

To gain the confidence of visitors and to urge the visitors to return to your site again you providing exclusive content and beautiful and unique and detailed not only just copying from another site because this exercise does not benefit your site in any way.

Fifth Method: Owners of Paid Advertising

Owners of paid advertising, always target words relating site only, targeting the wrong always lead to your site to access the proportion bounce high and because of not targeting the right people. Before the start of any advertising campaign make a study on how to target this kind of visitors and after entering any lead them on your site, everything should be clear for them.

I hope that you have the required level we offer in this article, any suggestion or opinion for us and send your comment or suggestion, in case you find this review helpful feel free to share it with your friends to spread the interest to them as well.

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