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How to Speed up the Android

Android presence has also become one of the phones that can be helpful in your work activities. In addition to having many advantages in it, android also has drawbacks, one of which is the old android phone - will eventually slow operation. And for android user who face slow start problem The Tricks Peak have some tips on how to how to speed up the performance of your android phone.

Tips to Speed up the Android

Restart and latest System Update

One way to speed up your android that started slow and restart them with the latest system update your Android phone by selecting Settings> About device to see if there are updates available.

Get rid of unneeded files

Android phone can be slow due to file objections, for that you need to delete some items unneeded files such as pictures and delete old music files so that the resources of Smartphones is reduced so that the performance of a Smartphone faster.

Clean Cached Data

Cleaning Cached data is also one way to speed up your android that slow that by selecting Settings> Storage> Cached data.

Animation effects

Disable the animation effect is also one way to speed up your android that is slow to open the menu Settings> about phone, and scroll down to get to the category called Build Number. Press the Build Number seven times. After that you will get access to the Developer menu options in the system settings smartphone then select a category such as Transition animation scale and duration Animator scale. Press both for the disabled.

Use Watchdog Task Manager Application

By using this application can Watchdog Task Manager allows you to know which applications may slow down the performance of the smartphone .

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