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How To Unblock Websites With 5 New Unblock Method 2016

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Are you blocked to access some websites? Or you looking some ways to unblock sites? Here I am going to add another article in my previous post you had read How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Android With 3 Best Apps

Well! Today the Internet has become a daily necessity of our life, with the Internet people enable to search for information or news, in addition, there are many positive and negative effects of its use although depending on the users themselves.
In some countries, there is some restriction to access websites. In this post, I will show you 5 new unblock method 2016 to unblock websites.


Unblock websites using Google DNS.

  • First, go to Control Panel of you computer > select Network and the Internet > select Network and Sharing Center.
  • Then click Wireless Network Connection and a new window will appear.
  • Then click Properties , you will see several options. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) . A new window will pop up again, at the bottom of select Use the Following DNS Server address.
  • On rsevered DNS content with, and the Alternate DNS content with
  • If you've filled in all, click Ok.

Unblock websites Google Cache.

  • Google Cache is a cache that Google obtained from the websites of the past. Google Cache is a way of data collection sites that are indexed in Google and then backed back into the database.
    How to use Google Cach to unblock blocked sites, it is very simple, you just need to add cache: the beginning of the blocked sites. Example: cache://

Unblock Websites Google Translate.

  • Google Translate is a site that is used to translate a word, a sentence or a web page. It is quite easy to unblock websites, first, go to the site google translate and write the site's URL in the column translator, it will automatically be transferred to the site and this way you can also unblock a blocked site.

Unblock Websites Using Add-Ons.

This method is most simple because only a turn Add-Ons Anonymox only on Mozilla toolbar for you who already have add-ons, but if not have you can download it at

Unblock Websites Using Proxy Server.

  • This method has been very popular if you want to open blocked sites, the benefits also you can surf the internet with Anonymous or unnoticed and safer because of proxy connection, you will be encrypted automatically without any trace. It is quite simple, just visit the proxy server sits (unblocked proxy sites) and then enter the URL of the site which you want to unblock.
  • Some sites list Proxy Server:
    Here is the list of some unblocked proxy sites server:
    Webproxy dot to
    hidemyass dot com
    webproxy dot ca
    freshproxylist dot net.

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