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How to Use FB Messenger in Web Browser

Nabeel Shoro FB Messenger

Facebook recently released Messenger version of web browser. A standalone app that allows users to chat outside the social network. This application is an official of the FB. With the presence Messenger no means users can not chat via Facebook. Here's how to use FB Messenger on the web browser.

Messenger is also present in the device as well as cross- platform start the PC web and mobiles Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Messenger itself is as instant messaging service that allows users to communicate via text messages and share files, photos, videos, and make calls.

How to Use FB Messenger in Web Browser
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How to use Messenger FB in the web browser is quite easy. can be done only as follows:

  1. Visit thelogin Messenger at the address
  2. If you are already logged in FB site click on the text "Continue as XXX" or if not logged in enter by inputting email and Facebook password.
  3. After a successful login it will be found three columns; The leftmost column is the last contact that interacts with the users, the middle column of the content of the chat, and the rightmost column is detail information the user is concerned.
  4. Interestingly, FB Messenger version of the web browser also supports phone calls and video calls. In the top right corner in detail the information the user is concerned there is a button call and video call.

Quick access Messenger FB via a web browser if it is first logged on the Facebook site. Thus, users do not need to login again from the beginning. Notification if there is a chat recently will also be raised that are not mixed with notification not important FB during this keeps popping up when we chat on the site.

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