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How to use iCloud Website on other Browser and Smartphones

Nabeel Shoro icloud

Recently Apple optimized iCloud website for third party browsers, Android.

Now you can use “Find your lost iPhone”, change account settings from almost any device, securely store your files on iCloud and share with friends, colleagues, and family, see, add or edit your photos and videos on any device anytime. 
Previously, the site worked only if you request a desktop version (or access from a computer or iPad). But now Apple quietly adapted the iCloud website for other mobile devices. Now you can view photos, notes, and reminders, as well as use the “Find iPhone” function right in any of your smartphone’s browser

How to use iCloud Website on other Browser and Smartphones
Image Credit: iCloud

Also on the iCloud site, you can view account settings, monitor the remaining space in the iCloud, change the country and language by default. To view all the accounts that logged in via this Apple ID, you still need an iPad or computer (or desktop version of the site).
It would be great to get access to contacts and the calendar in the future, but it is not yet known whether Apple plans to expand the capabilities of this version of iCloud. In the meantime, I’m glad that now you can use “Find iPhone”, even if only an Android smartphone is at hand.