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How to use Skype video conferencing without registration and login

You don’t have to download and install the Skype Smartphone Application or Skype for windows. You don’t even need to sign in.
Since we are all sitting at home now, video calling is needed more than ever. This is sometimes the only way to get in touch with family, friends, and sometimes the employer. The most popular video conferencing tool is Zoom. It allows you to make free 40-minute conference calls in which up to 100 people can participate. This allows for real online parties. But what if you need to talk continuously for several hours, when you, for example, work on a complex project or are just used to talking with a loved one for a long time?
So here old Skype comes to the rescue, which with the latest update has got a new Meet Now feature. It works: you click on the “Meeting” button in the installed Skype client or simply in the web interface in the browser. Copy the created link and send it to friends or colleagues. That’s it, video conferencing is created.
Anyone who has a link can join. No need to register or install Skype – everything works right in the browser.

If you yourself do not use Skype, do not want to download it, or enter the web client, you can still create a conference using a special page.
The number of voice communication participants should not exceed 50, but up to 600 people can be present in a text

There are no restrictions on the duration of the communication session – you can create a meeting in advance, and later join it. Call records are stored for 30 days, which is convenient for webinars and interviews.
In Skype, you can’t add cool backgrounds, like in Zoom, but you can blur the background behind you so that no one can see what mess you have. By default, this feature is already active.

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