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How to Use Viber for Windows - Featured Some Interesting Updates, Including Video Chats

After the recent update of Viber for the desktop and mobile platform, we thought that it would be nice to give our readers a complete guide to using Viber on various devices. This guide will focus on Viber for Windows, which featured some interesting updates, including video chats.

How effective Viber for windows?

Viber is fast and easy to use, which makes it another convenient way to stay in touch with users, regardless of where you need to communicate. Using Viber on the move and on the desktop of your PC, you can always stay in touch. If you are looking for a new messaging program, Viber is the application that you should definitely try. Viber for Windows has many features, Some of them are:

1. Make best Quality HD Voice call from Windows.
2. Make text, photo and sticker messages from Windows.
3. Give you full sync between your mobile and Windows.
4. Transfer ongoing calls between Smartphone and Windows.
Since Viber is available on almost all platforms, you have no reason not to use it.

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How to get started with Viber for Windows?

To get started with the Viber application for your desktop PC, you must use a mobile account. You can not use the desktop version of Viber without it. Read the Viber version guide for Android and iOS to set up your mobile account. When you are ready, go to the Viber site and download the version for Windows. It may be more convenient to download Viber from the Viber site.

Installation is simple, after completion, Viber will start to prepare you for using the service. Here you will need to set up your mobile account and, now, everything is ready to go. Click "Yes" to continue. Enter "Phone number", then click "Continue". You will be sent a Viber activation code to your phone.

Enter this activation code, and then agree to the User License Agreement and press Enter. Now you are ready to start next
step to using Viber for Windows.

How to use desktop Viber - Viber for Windows?

To simplify sending messages and making calls from a desktop computer, Viber for the desktop uses a very simple user interface:
Click the icon in the lower-left corner of Viber. This will open the Viber settings, allowing you to adapt the service to your needs.

On the first "Basics" tab, the user can determine whether he wants to start Viber on startup and save messages when leaving the conversation. The audio and video settings allow you to specify which equipment to use for each of the functions in Viber.

Notification settings allow you to choose whether to display notifications when new messages and calls appear. Account settings allow you to deactivate the Viber account on your computer if you feel it is necessary.

Another section of the Viber settings allows you to connect your account to Facebook, and share with others the fact that you use the service in social networks or by email. When you are ready, go back to the main Viber screen and click "Help". Whenever you want to learn more about Viber for a desktop PC or you need help with something specific, you can open the "Help" section to get it.

Now click on "Tools". Here you can change the audio and video settings.

Then click "Call". You can use this functionality to interact with your contacts, for example, to initiate calls, answer calls, translate calls and even mute the sound or launch a video chat.

Click "Conversation". Use this option to interact with your contacts, for example, start a new chat, send photos or delete a conversation entry.

Click "View". This will show you various Viber elements, such as contacts, conversations, recent calls or messages and dialer.

Now click the "Chat" icon in the menu on the left. This will show you all active and inactive chats, if they are available, you can also click "Create" to start a chat with someone.

Click the People icon. It will show you those of your contacts on the phone that use Viber. You can also search for users and even invite people to join you in Viber.

Click "Clock icon". This will display your recent activity in Viber. This can be useful for viewing when you last spoke with someone, the details of a call or conversation.

Now click "Phone icon". This will open the dialer. You can manually dial the number to call if your contact uses Viber. You can also start a chat conversation this way.

You can click on any contact at any time to start a conversation or chat with a friend in Viber. Even when you communicate in a traditional way, you can also use text chat.

If you hover over a picture of a contact, you can change various settings even at the time of the call. You can start a video chat, mute the sound, end a call, change the volume, or switch to full-screen mode.

If you press "Transfer a call", you can transfer the call to your mobile phone and vice versa. This is one of the coolest features offered by Viber, you can continue your calls no matter where you need to go.

If you click "Video", you can start a video chat with someone while they support it, and use the desktop version of Viber.