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How to use WhatsApp without a phone number

How to use WhatsApp without a phone number

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WhatsApp is a widespread text messaging, voice call and chat application used by many users around the world. WhatsApp Messenger is a complete messaging application that allows us to send text messages, photos, and media files for free. There are versions of WhatsApp for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia, and these phones can save all your contact and chat data! WhatsApp uses the same Internet data transfer scheme that you use for email and web browsing. This allows you not to spend money on messages and stay in touch with friends.

Since many users use devices that do not have a SIM card like a mobile phone (such as a tablet or desktop PC), the problem is that in order to use WhatsApp without a phone number, you need to use one trick. It happens that you can not use your smartphone because of a breakdown. And although some service centers repair mobile phones at the client, troubleshooting can be delayed.

Today we are going to show you how to use WhatsApp without a phone so that you can install and configure WhatsApp on a tablet or other device without a SIM card. Follow the manual to use this trick.
Set up WhatsApp without using a phone number
First, download the latest version of WhatsApp from the mobile app store. If you’re an old user, you can later restore WhatsApp chats to Google Drive. After the download is complete, install WhatsApp on your smartphone, tablet or PC, and then close it. Do not proceed to the next step.

Now you will need to enter a mobile phone number to which the application will send an SMS message with a verification code. On the Internet, there are several free virtual number registration services for verification in various online services. We note right away that most of them, in our case, will not work. Firstly, some services use the same number for everyone, and secondly, WhatsApp itself checks the validity of the number you enter. It is difficult to say exactly which parameters are evaluated by the messenger algorithm, but out of the few we entered, it accepted only the one that was obtained using the method described below.

So, in order to successfully verify the mobile phone number, you need to install an application called "Virtual SIM". This must be done because the program will provide you with a virtual mobile phone number to which WhatsApp will send a confirmation code. After registering with WhatsApp, you can delete it. As a bonus, after installing Virtual SIM, you will receive 0.50 euros into your account, which you can use to make calls to any landline phones around the world.

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Further, everything is very simple. Open the WhatsApp application and as a phone number for verification, enter the number received in Virtual SIM and click continue. Now wait a few seconds and you will receive a verification code in the Virtual SIM application. Next, copy this code into WhatsApp.

After that, you can log into WhatsApp without a phone number.