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Important Reasons Of USB Device Not Recognized and How to Fix

When you connect to USB Devices to a computer on the external USB-port users encounter an error USB Device Not Recognized. As the connected device, be it a USB mouse, USB keyboard or USB flash drive or USB data stick becomes completely useless. Often we see USB Devices Not Recognized error in all Windows Operating Systems, Today we are going to highlight the reason of USB Device Problem and try to solve the error of USB device not recognized windows 7, windows XP and Vista.

1st Reason of USB Device Not Recognized – Faulty USB Device

The  reason of the error “USB Device Not Recognized” may be a few, but as my view, 90 percent of them hardware.The first thing you need to make sure that the device is all right. If you have the chance, try to connect it to another computer. If throws the same  error on other PC? Then the problem is in the USB device and you will either replace it or put in repair. If an error occurs periodically, it is likely to cause the bad contacts to computer. Such problems often occur with prolonged use of wired keyboards and mouse. Constant linking lead may damage to one of the inner conductors and as a result, the device is turned off periodically.

2nd Reason of USB Devices Not Recognized – Faulty USB-ports

The reason may also be a bad contact or a failure of the controller’s USB-ports on the computer motherboard. Open Device Manager, look to see whether there is not marked the USB controller red icon (look for the error description in the properties). a good solution for this problem is the repair or replacement of the damaged controller. Alternatively, you can connect the device to different USB ports.

3rd Reason of USB Devices Not Recognized – Using a Cheap USB-Hub

USB-hub – a wonderful invention, but need to use only high quality, preferably with an autonomous power supply device. Unfortunately, the market is now flooded with cheap Chinese Usb-Hubs, which is incompatible with any specific PC or easily damaged. In general, the less you use the cheap adapter, the less of a hardware or software conflict.

Important note: If you connect the USB-device, the computer restarts, or there is a decline in the windows system, immediately stop all attempts to re-connect the device, as this may cause serious damage to your computer components!

4th Reason of USB Devices Not Recognized – Software Bugs

Another possible cause of the error of USB Device Not Recognized is a problem with drivers – the presence of a yellow icon in “Device Manager” in windows 7/Xp/Vista front of the problematic device. Try to reinstall or update the driver.

Important note: It is desirable to ensure that the error does not cause conflicts with drivers of similar devices previously connected. Even if the old device is no longer in use, the driver remains in the system and can cause conflicts with other drivers. In any case, the old unused device driver should remove. You use the specialized USB Utility Tool USBDeview from the well-known developer NirSoft.

How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows:

1st Method Restart Computer / Laptop

Shutdown Computer / Laptop via Windows or pressing the power button, wait a few minutes, now start the computer, when finished start all programs, windows will reset of USB device function back to normal.

2nd Method Using Microsoft Fix it

Recommend to try to use this Microsoft Fix it Tools, Microsoft’s tools are designed specifically for problem cases USB device not recognized in windows. Go to the website Microsoft Fix it, then click the Run Now button and you are required to download, after the completion of the file open it. Microsoft easy Fix is designed to fix the USB Devices problem for Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

3rd Method Uninstall the USB Host Controller Using Device Manager

This is a tricky method that is popular to fix the USB Device Not Recognized problem. Here is the way of the method.

  1. Go to the desktop of your computer.
  2. Right-click on Computer icon and click properties and then click Device Manager.
  3. Then click Universal Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager and then look that says Host Controller which has a yellow symbol, then right-click, select Uninstall, then restart your PC, Windows OS will automatically install the drivers during startup.

4th Method Remove the Power Supply Cable On Computer or Laptop Battery

Maybe, this is not the popular method way because it arguably does not make sense, but it has much to prove myself included this way in the USB device can return to normal.

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