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LIX 3D Pen - Painting in 3 Dimensions

We still have quite accustomed to 3D printers and able to paint and pens in 3 dimensions. Draw and write in the air (without needing paper) is now a reality. its only possible with LIX Pen. This 3D printing pen developed in London.

In practice, the pen functions are very similar to those of a 3D printer. LIX has different heat resistance plastic filaments printers thereof. However, its small size (measures 16.3 inches long by 1.3 thick and weighs only 35 grams) and feeding through a simple USB cable, do so completely different. Consider this video ( ) to understand its potential.

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LIX 3D Pen Painting in 3 Dimensions

3d pen
Image Credit: Kickstarter

Ultimately, this allows 3D pen strokes in the air, creating all figures imaginable; artistic figures, accessories like sunglasses, rings, or bracelets, different structures etc.

The device still is not for sale, however, soon will begin the pre-acquisition period with a price of $ 139. If you want to know more about this super pen, you can do so by visiting the product page ixpen dot com

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