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Marketing Technique on Facebook is Making Status

Facebook is still the largest social networking site. Despite different than 2-3 years ago, Facebook remains a large target audience. Facebook for business is still good. Have to be coupled with the right strategy for the time and expense to be optimal.

Create a business-page: Facebook is a marketing tool and a powerful word to mouth.

Making good status is one marketing technique on facebook.
If there is a term in SEO content is the king, then in the term “Good facebook status” is the king of success marketing. Of course good Status could be part of the business strategy on facebook and of course we should be good to find the materials to be used:
1. Materials to make status
2. Information to be shared
3. Information for advertising

Of the materials are later compiled and optimized through good facebook profile,
and even more to our facebook page.

There are 7 things we must do in a status update:

  1. Fresh Blogging.
    Blogging on facebook too interesting, make a short story about 2-3 paragraphs. Lift themes surrounding warm niche we focus on. Posts longer can we put on our main website, so that people who are interested in reading more complete will come to our website
  2. Create Page FAQs.
    Frequently in prospective buyers who come to ask the same question. Collect all questions and answers frequently asked questions in the notes, or navigate to the FAQ page of our website. Your potential customers will more quickly helped by you, and you certainly will not be too often got the same questions.
  3. Post matters relating.
    It is a very good technique to better interact with the fans / potential customers.Be able to provide:
    a. testimonials and satisfaction of our customers’
    b. our business activities
    c. how to use our products
  4. Visual Material
    Image and illustration caught the eye much faster than the text material. Many outsourced services that can be utilized to obtain a quality visual material.
  5. Make the status question
    is a very good way to get a lot of comments on the status. Fans will also be seen Comments by friends of fans that increase viral from our page.
  6. Video.
    Material is now more hot videos as well you know. We also can make tutorials, product knowledge with video. Upload on youtube and share on facebook to get the attention of fans. If the video quality is good, a lot of people would be willing to share the video with pleasure.
  7. Aphorisms / inspiration
    Find aphorisms that match the background of our fans or we can quote the words of famous figures.

Well, if you have any suggestions about facebook marketing, tell us in the comments box below.

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