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Microsoft Will Bring Cortana, digital assistant software developed by Microsoft

Nabeel Shoro

Cortana, digital assistant software developed by Microsoft (like Siri in Apple), the plan will be provided by the company, headquartered in Redmond Washington was on the platform outside of Windows Phone, the Android and iOS.

Cortana application software will be provided as a separate application in the Android and iOS platforms, which can later be downloaded as a standalone application, both in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

"Technology like this, who can read and understand email, Cortana will be instrumental in the next version," said Eric Horvitz (Managing Director of Microsoft Research) "He also added “We're working to be released in the half year (2015)”.

In addition to preparing for tablets and smartphones Cortana iOS and Android, Microsoft is also working on versions of Cortana's new mobile operating system, Windows 10, which will be launched later this year.

Cortana is smarter that is currently being developed under the code name Project Einstein. The new technology is embedded in it is the ability to pull data with artificial intelligence ( artificial intelligence ) are constructed.

With the technology, expected Cortana has higher sensitivity and can perform various tasks automatically.

Cortana whose name is taken from a holographic character in the game Halo was initially driven by the search engine Bing and is predicted to replace the standard search function in Windows Phone.

In addition to be commanded to make phone calls and write SMS, Cortana could also be asked to do other things like create reminders , appointments, alarms, provide weather information, sports results, to launch the application.

This application can be granted access to the e-mail in order to remind the owner of the device on matters such as flight schedules.

No doubt, Microsoft's move to bring Cortana on platforms other than Windows, the iOS and Android is an attempt to bring the best assets Windows to platforms other in order to be more competitive in the mobile segment.

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