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Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 - Andrew Mason

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7

Nabeel Shoro Computer News

The Windows 7 operating system, one of the most popular in history, will no longer be supported by Microsoft from Tuesday 14 January 2020.
After this date, the system will no longer receive updates, which will make those who follow it more security.
According to the technology news website, 26.6% of the world's computers are still running Windows 7, although Microsoft has warned for more than a year that it would no longer update it in early 2020.
Microsoft recommends that those who continue with Windows 7 upgrade to a newer operating system if they have a computer purchased less than three years ago. Otherwise, the company's suggestion is to purchase a new machine.
In practice, as it did a few years ago with popular Windows XP, the decision to stop upgrading the system will leave those who do not make the switch more vulnerable to potential viruses, trojans and hacker attacks.

According to December 2019 data, more than half of the world's computers use Windows 10.
The other 25 percent are Mac users, Linux users, some Windows XP fans who resist resisting it, and Windows 8 and 8.1, who has never been very popular with Microsoft customers.
According to the specialized press, the fundamental reason that explains the number of people who continue using Windows 7 is the general satisfaction of users with the system. The bad impression that some of them also got from Windows 10 is another pointed factor.
While it will no longer provide technical assistance for Windows 7 to the general, Microsoft will continue to support companies and government agencies that want to maintain the system and are willing to pay for it.

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