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Virtual Reality for your iPhone

Pinc | Virtual Reality for your iPhone

Pinc; Virtual Reality for your iPhone? Yes; Discover Pinc, the virtual reality device for iPhone with which you can introduce into your smartphone. As we can see in the below picture, it is special glasses with which the user can do everything your iPhone allows but in a very unique way; moving his hands likes a science fiction movie.

This is a project funded through Indiegogo crow funding which seeks to provide users of Apple augmented reality player similar to Gear VR compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. One of the most interesting elements of the project that would become actually reaching about 100,000 Canadian dollars, is the SDK; tool that allows developers to create new applications and games.

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Pinc uses two small LED devices synchronized cameras glasses that allow the user to manage the virtual environment at will; all with simple hand movements can (similar to the technology of manipulating Tom Cruise in Minority Report).

The truth is that this device has little to do with other players really like the impressive Oculus Rift, the moment can not give users the same experience. However, besides offering a completely new experience, the possibilities of this device are extremely interesting.

If you already have an iPhone and are thinking about getting this toy must know that already in pre-sale for 99 Canadian dollars. To learn more about the product and its developers, they can do so by accessing your personal web space without moving from the spot.