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Pocket - Save The Article From The Web To Read Later

Pocket - Save The Article From The Web To Read Later

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The smartphone one of the technology who changed our way of life. The important function of a smartphone is to connect us with friends and family via the internet. While browsing the internet, we often use many applications. Almost all the applications of smartphone require an internet connection to function. One application that is often used by users of Android or iOS is a web browser, whether it is to search for information or just watch the video on YouTube. The device smartphone identical to the needs of Internet data. Then, what if your internet quota limited, but still want to read the information from the internet?

The answer is the android application named: Pocket. This application offers the perfect solution, especially for you who have limited internet data. Pocket can store a variety of information, ranging from articles to images, which can be opened anytime and anywhere without the need of an internet connection. Is it useful for you? Well! Read this review  about this useful application and try to use it.

Review on Pocket – Read It Later – Andriod and iOs App

Pocket Is Easy And Fast

When you opened it, you will be given a simple guide how to use this application. The Initial tutorial will use the browser Google Chrome. Users are given the option to follow the guidelines or directly through the tap button Skip on the bottom left. If you first use Pocket, you should follow the guidelines given there.

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Tap the icon to try Google Chrome guidance. By default, Pocket will open up Chrome with a menu in the form of storing an article. There are four steps to do so, ie open the page you want to save, tap the menu button on the smartphone and choose Add To Pocket. This also applies to the application browser such as UC Browser and Baidu. Easy enough, right?

What Can Be Saved By Pocket App? 

This application can save articles, images, and video. Pocket App gives the more advanced features for your favorite articles, videos to read and watch them later. Also, you can share articles stored in the application to friends using the Sharing option.

Pocket appearance is quite simple with two main menu, the My List, and Recommended. My Menu List contains a list of any article which has been stored. Tap the title of the article to open it.

If you save an article through a browser, the article is then automatically stored in the article view. For some sites, Pocket store it in a website view.

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To View The Article

In the Articles View Tab, users get only text and images related to the content of the article. Other things that have nothing to do automatically hidden. The lack of distraction makes the user can focus more on reading the article. While the browser view showing the article in the page at its original site.

How To Add The Articles In The Pocket For Read Them Later?

If you want to add the article, you can use the two menus at the bottom, ie From your Apps and From your Computer. From your Apps will take the user back to the tutorial page.

While the menu From your Computer useful to use Pocket computer. Later you will receive an e-mail from Pocket on how to use the computer version with a link to download it.

About Recommended Menu

Recommended menu provides unbiased articles from all over the world. Together with My List, you just tap one title to open it.

About Web View and Article View

Uniquely, users can use Pocket application to explore the virtual world should the application browser. The difference is that users can not enter the address of the site you want to crawled. Can only take advantage of pages that are stored in the Pocket.

For example, you have to save the page of Google, you can use the Google search feature to find something. Tap websites that appear in Google search result to open it.

You can also change the appearance of the stored articles from article view into the website view. Unfortunately, this does not apply otherwise. The reason is because not all sites can be changed from the website view in the article view by Pocket. To do this, users need an Internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Tips: If you hold the tap long enough on a link, you will see several options that open a link using the Pocket, save it, open it through  a browser, and copy the link.

Pocket Also Offers Premium Service For $499 Only.

Pocket also offers premium services at a price of $499 per month, or $499 Monthly. Pocket Premium has three superior features consisting of Permanent Library to save the page permanently, Powerful Search which maximize the search feature, and Suggested Tags. Suggesting tags relevant to the article so you do not have to bother typing it again and again.

Overall the free version of Pocket quite satisfactory. We not only can save articles from the gadget, but also from the computer. In fact, the Pocket is also available as computer applications, so we can read the article on a larger screen. How to add Pocket in the computer?

Yes! It is quite easy, You only need to add Browser extension in your web Browser. Just click on the Pocket extension, save it, sign in via getpocket dot com and read your saved item anytime and anywhere.