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(Review) Evernote VS OneNote - Which Is Better Notes?

(Review) Evernote VS OneNote - Which Is Better Notes?

As we know that these are cross-platform softwares. They solve an actual problem of the modern user. Evernote and OneNote - are personal managers who offer a solution to the issue of personal information with ordering the inhabitants and provide them with a convenient and simple tool.

Below I am trying to analyze certain aspects of Evernote and OneNote.

Comparison by Functionality

Functional Evernote and OneNote broadly similar: both services are equipped with the necessary options for organizing your notes, index them, providing a keyword search within the client applications that provide a system of tags (tags) for the convenience of presentation, as well as offer a share for the collective editing notes.

And Evernote and OneNote allow you to create text, handwritten, graphics and audio notes. Note In both cases, it can also be a screenshot, web publishing, link, attachment.

Both services include participation in the preparation of notes connected to the computer camera, but if Evernote lets just do it with the help of pictures in desktop OneNote can record full video.

In OneNote, you can create notes in the form of printouts - IRM-protected documents XPS. Plus, in the OneNote desktop client application with Microsoft Office built some of the features of other office applications. So, on the OneNote application settings apply AutoCorrect and spelling of words (with custom dictionaries) of Word. The desktop version of OneNote for Windows, you can insert Excel tables. OneNote works also work Outlook and allows you to convert some of the notes in Outlook tasks and notes send e-mail messages.

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Comparison by Tools and Design Notes

Evernote and OneNote are tightly integrated into the online environment. Both services have their own extensions to the popular browsers - that enable quickly create notes of Web publishing with the imposition of user comments.

OneNote including mandatory application appears when using in Windows 8.1 and 10, as the Microsoft touch version preinstalled in the system version.

Evernote and OneNote offer roughly the same convenience, in terms of designing your OneNotes of Microsoft's desktop version will have a significant advantage.

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At the last big list of text formatting tools inherited from of Word, a large list of options for creating graphical notes. OneNote not just on paper, but in a separate unit which can be further freely dragged and drop anywhere in the notes. OneNote has a ready-made templates note and prompts the user to get an aesthetic pleasure in selecting the theme layout.