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Review On The Best Web Hosting To Best Suit Your Budget

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[mks_dropcap style="letter" size="52" bg_color="#ffffff" txt_color="#000000"]O[/mks_dropcap]nce you've decided to plunge into the world of internet business and you need the media in the form of a website to help your business. You must specify the following is a hosting service that you want to use, because if you choose the wrong hosting then just wrote kill your own business. To overcome these problems, here The Tricks Peak Editor has provided a list of best and cheap web hosting company’s review. The 10 companies listed below can be relied upon and should you try to your website or blog at an affordable price, feature rich, and offer the best shared-hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers at low prices.

You have read my article on 10 best web hosting of 2014. Today, I am going to write brief about leading and reliable hosting providers which will be the best choice for you.

Dear reader, may you know that many technologies have been introduced in the web hosting business and has been adopted by several companies to meet the demands and to meet customer expectations. In order to help you to find the best web hosting service providers. I filter ten best web hosting companies out of hundreds hosting companies in the world of the same market. Here is a list of web hosting services, the technology used by them, the web host features, competitive price, up-time support for customers and many more.

Please Note: The Tricks Peak Dot Com has also arranged a special discount offers and coupons with a review of the respective hosting company on this page.



Review and Discount Offer on BlueHost

Bluehost has topped a list of the best hosting company ever and also leading hosting provider in the current year. A company recommended by WordPress itself and appreciated as the best player in 2013 and 2014.

BlueHost starts their service in 1996 and were rated A+. A free domain will be given to you when you will choose Bluehost as hosting provider. They will give you an uptime of 99.9% and they will not let you down your sites. On successful registration, you will get access to hundreds of templates for free, fast loading time, no matter how much traffic to your blog will not slow loading time, but you should need to upgrade your package to heavy traffic.

Bluehost uses Cpanel for shared hosting accounts that are the best and the control panel is very user-friendly for managing all functions related to your site, where you can introduce different CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla and so on with a single click.

For the promotion of your site will get a $ 100 Adwords ads credit to show your brand in front of the target. A dedicated team is always there to support clients and is easily accessible via phone, chat online or via email, too. They respond to your email within a few hours which is good because they have millions of shared hosting accounts. Well for live chat and phone calls response time in seconds.

You may find the regular price on a shared web hosting Bluehost $ 6.99 per month a little expensive, but now for a limited time you can get the same professional package for $ 4.99 per month.

Sign Up For BlueHost and get special discount.

Review and Discount Offer on iPage

In my view, the second position is iPage, not only because of cheap hosting services in but they offer great quality at a low price. Prices start from as low as $ 2 per month. It is the most suitable option for those who have or will start a small business and want a web hosting at an affordable price with good quality.

Ipage provides a variety of web hosting. You can also use multiple web or blog in a shared hosting account. Ipage also provide similar facilities to their customers as Bluehost and Hostgator provide (for all three brands owned by the same company EIG).

Ipage provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and various types of scripts with just a click of a CMS installation, the facility as well as providing a free website builder. Security provided by iPage is the best among all the hosting companies.

Some bloggers who use multiple complaints regarding problems in drupal slow loading times, but I observed it was an average of 0.8 seconds to light the site, although the speed of the web depends on various factors such as server location, distance, size of the page, etc.

The customer support team is dedicated to the well. Once again I want to let you know that iPage web hosting is the best solution for you if you are a small business owner, a blogger, an artist, photographer or individual so hurry up and sign up.

Review and Discount Offer on Hostgator

Hostgator another leading company in the list of the Best Web Hosting Sites in the World. Hostgator is the largest hosting company because it has about 8.5 million domains hosted. It is less expensive than many of its competitors and gives a tough competition for many of the top leading companies in the same business in the aspect of quality and features. It also provides dozens of scripts with one click installation and also provide 99.9% uptime guarantee with good customer support.

They have about 850+ employees and their customer support is the best support in the web hosting industry. Their customer support team will always be there to help you and they have the best technical team to resolve all kinds of problems that you face.

By the way, the packages include unlimited disk space and bandwidth is limited as most of the other top companies. A good thing that makes Hostgator web hosting is more reliable is that In case you find they do not meet your expectations or features, promised by them then you can get your money back at any time within the first forty-five days.

I assure you that you will be satisfied; if you are not satisfied with their service you can divert your blog or website to another network without dizziness.

Hosting with HostGator is a nice option to pay a reasonable price so that you can not face any problem, no extra charge, and no downtime.

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Review and Discount Offer on JustHost

JustHost developed by a group of companies in 2008 and the idea behind this great effort is Chris Phillips of England. Ranked fourth in the list of 2014 JustHost web hosting is another leading hosting company in 2015 due to the exceptional service they provide, such as the free facility to host many sites on the shared hosting account. It is one of the cheapest web hosting providers are available for multiple domains and blogs hosted on the account and that makes it easier to manage your online assets. JustHost is one of the most reliable hosting available out with a reasonable price and no hidden fees etc.

JustHost claims they promise 99.99% uptime guarantee, but in my view it is a little lower and approximately 98%. In many cases, they will notify you in advance about outages that may last for several minutes. As with several other companies, JustHost has free domain transfer facility with unlimited disk space and also unlimited bandwidth.

In addition, you will also get a website builder and hundred free themes and templates to build your website as you dream absolutely free and do not forget to calculate the additional (ad credits for Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.) valued at more than $ 175 USD which can be used to promote your new brand. For quick help technical support available 24/7.

So sign up here.

Review and Discount Offer on FatCow

FatCow is unique because of their name and a reliable web hosting provider that is experienced in the type of individual and business websites, jump in the hosting business in 1998. If you are going to start a blog or have a small business entrepreneur then FatCow is another good option for you.

FatCow offers many good services to their users at an affordable price as backups Site, SSL Certificate, Service SEO Professional and SiteLock.

The hosting plan will include a free domain and to design your goals can take advantage of the easiest and drag reduction FatCow site builder facilities, it supports various content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. with one click install and you can also take a theme and template free from large themes library.

Shared hosting will cost you about $ 44 per year with a 30 days money back guarantee with no hidden costs, but their renewal price is much higher. High renewal price is almost double that of the promotion (signup / first-year) price. You may have to pay about $ 9 / month for renewal, so it is advisable to keep the price in mind when going to start a hosting account with FatCow.

FatCow also offers a great promotional package for your business as it gives 100 $ Adwords credit, $ 50 facebook ad credits and $ 25 Yahoo Bing advertising credits.

They have a slightly different type of Control Panel, many hosting providers are using CPanel but FatCow provides vDeck to their users and unlimited email accounts. Servers from FatCow are not lightning fast as the server of some other top hosting companies.

FatCow also offers web hosting services are the most interesting, unique and cheapest you may have heard. Yup, I'm talking about 75 cents per month Cheap planned $ 9 / year plan includes a free domain, $ 100 AdWords coupons, website builder, 200 GB bandwidth and 2GB of storage with a 30 days money back guarantee, not that amazing? Sign up with FatCow.

FatCow technical support is the best in providing support for 24/7 via phone, email and online chat to solve all kinds of problems.

Review and Discount Offer on WebHostingHub

Among the hosting provider in the world, WebHostingHub is another company that is a leading US-based of the state of Virginia, WebHostingHub owned by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson. They started their hosting services since 2006 and are very less span of time they reach a decent percentage hosting market through their excellent service at reasonable prices.

WebHostingHub offers a guarantee which is the longest period among most other hosting providers offer 90 days money back. You will get the best quality service at $ 3.99 / month cheaper than many hosting services if you plan to sign up for 3 years and you can host multiple websites on a single account. During one year of hosting they will charge $ 6.99 / month. They provide a reliable web host and also has a 99% uptime guarantee

They will provide unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth and for designing purpose you will get access to 310 applications as well as accesses to Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla with one click install facilities and you will get a free domain as well. For the promotion of your websites offer $ 200 Google Adwords advertising credits, Twitter and Yahoo / Bing.

Technical support is also up to the mark and they have a good quality team of technicians who can solve your problem. You can contact technical support via phone, email, and online chat. Around the time to respond to them less than 3 minutes in an online chat.

Review and Discount Offer on HostMonster

Hostmonster is a great hosting company based in the United States and provides good service at an affordable price since 1996. Hostmonster also offers anytime money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. They offer a $ 6.95 / month if you sign up for an account of the year. In my point of view, it is the best company for e-business owners because they provide different features and e-commerce templates with the powerful multimedia tool as well as many free templates.

Hostmonster also up to the standard for all the servers are under the supervision of professional staff, so as to guarantee 99.9% uptime for users. Provides CPanel to manage websites and simple script to install on blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with a few clicks.

By getting a shared hosting account, you will be able to host multiple domains at one account and unlimited email accounts and unlimited space and bandwidth.

Their professional team is there to help you through online chat, toll-free numbers and to produce a ticket via email.

Promotional packages are the same as many of the top leading hosting providers have. You will get a $ 100 Google Adwords, Facebook Ad Credit $ 50, $ 50 and $ 25 Twitter Yahoo Bing Credit to promote your business or website. You will get hosting at a low price 3.95 / month here.

Review and Discount Offer on InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting, another name known and credible in the list of the best web hosting sites and also has the honor to be certified as a Top - ranked best web hosting provider for 10 consecutive years and also get an A+ grade.

InMotion will give you the option to choose the package that suits your business. Their packages are Personal, Business Hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

If you are new or have a website with limited data, the Personal hosting is good or if you have many websites then you should go for the Business hosting plan. In the hosting business account, you can host six websites and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and space with a 90 days money back guarantee. And if you want to host more than six sites then use the Pro account that expensive as the level of 13.99 / month.

InMotion hosting uptime has a reliable because they use a powerful server. They give their customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Cpanel is a great tool because it has settings for email and FTP login information and DNS configuration.

For the promotion of your website, they offering $ 75 for personal and for a business hosting account you will get a $ 300 credit from Adwords ads, Facebook, and Bing ads etc.

Their technical support is also very well they support their customers free of customers through email, chat online or on the phone.

Review and Discount Offer on Webhostingpad

Webhostingpad is little new company relative to lead others on the web hosting companies because they start their hosting business in 2005. They are targeting personal blog owners and small businesses because they are the best ever budget hosting provider.

You will get web hosting from them at regular price $ 4.9 / month, but amazingly you can take the same plan at a cost of $ 2 / month through special offers. If you're looking for a low price hosting with good quality then you will never get a better company than Webhostingpad.

They also use CPanel as other top companies assessed. Offer a $ 100 advertising credit to their users to promote their business online in a variety of social media networks. They also claim 99.9% uptime guarantee. Technical support is good because they provide all kinds of technical support free of charge for 30 minutes. You can get help by email, chat online or via telephone.

Review and Discount Offer on HostMetro

HostMetro features will not make false claims about the limited space and bandwidth (as many competitors do) but they assure you you'll have enough for any normal website (which means you can not run a file archiving service or a video sharing website; outside that you do not need to worry about space or transfer limitations).

HostMetro also provides free scripts and Various CMS that you can install with just one click. HostMetro customer support is US based and has won several awards. They support in 24/7.

HostMetro currently offers top of the line quality for a very low introductory price, and they promise to not rise as long as you keep your account there. At the level of quality is likely to increase prices for customers in the future, so can ask for your money back if you are not satisfied.

Final Words

In the end I want to tell you that I have shared all possible information of the best web hosting and I hope that after reading the reviews on the top of the world's best hosting company ever, it will be easier for you to choose the best website hosting available to best suit your budget and demand. And do not underestimate the problems of hosting, you have to choose which is actually right, select and try one of the best web hosting above! :-)