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Running out of disk space? where is the best place to store photos, films, and programs

Each of us is once faced with the fact that the hard disk space is running out, you need to store them somewhere. It is also better not to fill the hard disk so that the system does not slow down.

In general, there are 3 options for storing files: burn to DVDs, store in the cloud, or purchase an external hard drive.

I will say right away: you should not save the distributions of the programs, because the programs are changing, updated and it is better to download them again from the Internet. Now the time has passed when the programs were stored for several years.

Let’s look at each case

1. Burning to DVD is a cheap option, but inconvenient because when you need something, you will need to search for a disc. Also, the disc is easily damaged and scratched, so the reliability is not very good here. The good thing about this method is that it is very inexpensive. And perhaps that’s all.

2. Store in the cloud. Many cloud services give you disk space for a price. There are two disadvantages here: a constant subscription fee, as well as the risk that the disk on the server will simply burn out.

And in the contract for such services, it is written in black and white that the organization is not responsible for failures in work. And of course, you need a powerful Internet channel to upload and download your wealth, and your account can be broken and all your files can become public. In the cloud, I store those files that I need constant access from different devices. It is very convenient!

3. The best way is an external HDD hard drive. In my opinion, the most reliable. How to choose it? There are two factors here: capacity and reviews. I always choose according to reviews and try to take those models that have already received the proper number of ratings from real users (I don’t make new models, I take from a year).

You should not buy a 2 terabyte disk at once, it is better to buy two disks per terabyte or 500 gigabytes each. One to use as a backup. After all, the more places where information will be recorded, the more likely it will be saved. The external drive is easily connected via USB, and in the “This PC” section it appears as a regular hard drive.

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