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Comments with Gravatar

Say Something in Comments with Gravatar

Many of the new users of the WordPress may notice that when they are blogging and commenting, show them a picture indicates the user who blogs or comment. And therefore many may wonder how they can transform this image to another image they choose.
I would like to give a little summary of what is Gravatar. You may have heard of it before, It is a pictorial representation of a person, and it may be a picture of the blogger, or a copy of a Image, or an icon or logo ... etc..
say somthing with gravatar

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar, is the abbreviation of Avatar universally recognized. It is universally recognized because millions of bloggers and commentators and webmasters use it. Most of platforms, including the Internet and WordPress, has support mainly for Gravatar. When a user commented on the news or article in any website or blog and the system will automatically show the image that represents the user. In short, it is about the user's identity in the global network.

How to get Gravatar?

Get it free and full operation is easy. Just Go to the official website of the Gravatar (, and scored through e-mail that you use most often. Add your own avatar, and that may be the image you downloaded, or company logo in which it operates, or something else special. Enough, so that you set up once in a lifetime, so choose the appropriate image and you do not need to change them at a later time, prepared only once and forget it entirely.
Most templates of WordPress support Gravatar and automatically use them in comments. If your template is not supported then update your theme.
And now as you experience the process of Gravatar, sign up now through official Website of Gravatar and create your own. Then comment on the bottom of this article. We hope to see new faces.