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SEO Task List For New Sites to Archive Better

Introduction: SEO or search engine optimization is a process of influence in the natural search results and another term “Organic Search”, which fuels your site to export your site in the search results with keywords you selected previously, or those that wish to be adopted in the future.

Today we will give you a list of tasks that must be followed on a new site, taking into account the accuracy of implementation to reach the best possible result.

SEO Task List

Task List For New Sites to Archive Better

1. First create an E-mail account (if not have) we will need to this e-mail in the next steps.

2. Create accounts at each of Webmaster Tools in Google, Webmaster Tools in Bing,

Google statistics, Note: Once you’ve created every account we add and activate our website so that we can get faster archiving.

3. After creating the account webmasters in Google, you must enter and search for content and duplicate titles on the site by going to:

Panel data location   >> Search appearance >> HTML improvements

In this section you will find all duplicate titles in your site, it is preferable that you change the address refined to ensure the quality of the content in your site.

4.  Action Report SEO for your website and can be done by a number of the most important sites: whose idea is to analyze the site and give you analysis optimization processes possible on your site….

5.  Then finding a quick solution to all the technical problems on the site and on it’s head a copy of the allocation of mobile phone.

6 Use Webmaster Tools in Google arrived to the links that carry 404 errors or missing pages, and correct it

7. Use a tool Google Ads keyword planning tools to find the best keywords to target in the search and the next articles.

8 Search for keywords target by competitors and ways of building links used by the most important tools:, which is the first in this area.

9. Distribute the keywords that you have collected on your content.

10 Enter the keyword link in the pages of a site and make the subject closely linked to that word.

11. Title of the article is the most important paragraph in the right SEO tactics; you have to choose the title of the article between 50-60 characters, including the keyword.

12.  The article describes the “Meta Description” does not affect the ranking dramatically, but put a good description helps your site to attract visitors to view the site.

13. Use H1-H6 tags are useful in the headlines for an article, but you do not include the keyword within the marking H1.

14. Image ALT text: a description on the images and include the word search is very important, not only on the keyword for the site, but on all the pictures, and have to explain each image is identical to the content.

15.  Always preferred in each article put internal links to topics related to your site, and click on the link text should explain precisely the content that will be converted visiting him.

16. Emphasis on the non-recurrence of the content on your web pages for any reason, because these practices will lose confidence in the search engines your site, so you’ll always wary of a repeat of threads or moved to other locations, so as to maintain their value.

17. Talked a lot about the importance of speed download site and mentioned in many articles, maintained at the start of your downloading speed because this will give a better experience for users and visitors.

18. Then install the add WordPress SEO (if you use WordPress platform)on the site with the appropriate control settings.

19. After the implementation of the previous things well, especially duplicate content, add the site map that you built by adding WordPress SEO to your Webmaster Tools in Google.

20. Build your personal file contains a link to a location on the famous social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ because of its great importance in raising the credibility of the site.

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