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Social Media key to Success

Social Media key to Success

Nabeel Shoro Social Media
The key to success is to have a website that many numbers of visitors. Visitors usually came from a search in the search engines, especially Google. But in today's era of social media visitors can come from social media sites. So it can be concluded Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an activity to bring visitors from social media to our website.

Our activity in the social media like facebook, twitter, or google + allows getting visitors. With the SMO website content that we build will get a lot of visitors continuously, but SEO is still the main technique to get visitors.

The development of social media continues to reveal an increase and create new tools like Instagram and Pinterest. Below are some of the leading social media.

Top Social Networks

1. Facebook
2. My Space
3. Google+
Social Bookmarking
1. Digg
2. Delicious
4. Vivalog
Content Sharing
1. FeedBurner
2. Wikipedia
3. linked
1. Twitter
2. Plurk
Image Sharing
1. Instagram
2. Pinterest
Video Sharing
1. Youtube
2. Vimeo
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The question arises; did you optimize your social media as a tool to drive traffic to a website? If not in the collective information as SEO and SMO techniques will be very helpful to obtain a visitor. Moreover, if we were to have an online store. How effective this way will reap the maximum results.
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