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Some Security Tips for Android Gadgets

Security Android phones certainly still in question, Secure your android phone?

Android-based smartphone that now dominate the smartphone market will certainly become an easy target for viruses if you have an Android phone are not too safe. In addition, security is also very important to keep the data that you store on your phone, especially if the data is an important data. Is not that a bad thing if the Android phone got a virus and should reinstall with the data sacrificing important you’re mobile.

This time I have a few tips on how to secure your Android mobile phone, at least provide more security before it happens to you. Here's look at some tips on maintaining the security of your android phone below.

Tips to Maintain Security Mobile Android

Must install applications from trusted sources

For users of Android-based smartphones are advised to install applications from a trusted developer.

Install application which suggested in the Google Play Store as it has been provided. On Google Play Store also does not mean you are safe to install various applications, although the security is so tight fixed a flaw. So you yourself have to be more selective again before downloading the application, instead of a profit but even maimed because one pirated applications that actually make your smartphone infected with the virus once it is installed.

Updates Software

By regularly updating your software, the existing security system at the android was also updated, so that the security system is always new.

Set Verify Apps for more security

System security of Andoid old version to the new version is actually still vulnerable to malware or virus attacks. I suggest set the verified mode before install any application, this setting function one to remind the user when every time you want to install any application, with this warning the user will be alert again when will install any application.

Install antivirus application

If necessary to add Security settings on your android smartphone can install additional security applications such as antivirus as Avast, McAfee as well as some of the best-known antivirus for extra security of your phone.

Use a password on your phone (for more privacy)

Maybe it could have been when someone uses your phone, so using a password is one simple way to secure your phone.

Well that was a few safety tips to keep your android phone secure, Hope it is useful.

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