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Take Photo From Your Smartphone And Earn Money

Take Photo From Your Smartphone And Earn Money

Nabeel Shoro Making Revenue

If you have smartphone then it is an opportunity to earn extra money. Interested! Yes, you can earn some extra money to sell your photos taken from your personal mobile. So here is one of the largest photo bank named Fotolia (4 million members) has given you the opportunity to sell photos taken on your mobile device.

Review of Fotolia: Fotolia Instant is very similar to other social photo sharing on the market, it also allows you to take photos, apply filters, and then share them with friends via the Internet. But the app has a more professional tools, such for example as manual control of shutter speed and aperture.

Photos Instant collection will be subject to the high quality requirements that apply to any photo in the Image Bank. All incoming photos will be checked. In addition, people who are in the photos will have to sign an authorization form directly on the iPhone or Android phone and send them a photo ID for identification using the application.

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How To Earn From Fotolia

First register your account here.

Then download from Google Play Store for Andriod here and Apple IOS here.

The average price of the uploaded photo is 3 credits, or about $ 3.

Tips for earning more from Fotolia

My first advice to you, if you want to make more money by using Fotolia: have fun! (No, really, have fun!

Do not add to a collection of pictures of your food, pets, and staged scenes. In fact, Fotolia Instant devoted entirely different - the creative, spontaneous, unplanned, unexpected moments picture. Our buyers (Fotolia Buyers) are looking for this type of pictures for their creative work, showing life in an unexpected angle. This is what makes the unique collection and make Fotolia special. To earn more, stay away from the traditional images, and remember this important advice.

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Tips to take good photo for sell at Fotolia

Lighting. Smartphones can take pictures of good quality but they need the right lighting - particularly fluorescent light. My next suggestion is to take pictures in the sun and at outdoors spots. Where we can obtain high-quality images!

Avoid electrical lighting or night pictures.Consumers want clear picture that can only be done outdoors.

Tags. If you are new to selling photos, keywording (tagging, keywords) used for the classification of your photos and pictures easier to find buyers. The keywords can be anything that relates to your photos: color, people, things, places. The first few keywords that you add - the most important, so choose wisely. The more words you use, the more likely the buyer to find your images.

Fotolia Instant makes it very easy to add keywords. After taking a photo, tap the screen to add keywords. You can add up to 25 keywords.

Give legal right to use. If you are a professional in photography and want to rise to a more serious level, one of the important aspects that you need to know is copyright. To give the legal right to use his image in the photos for commercial purposes. This is important because the images uploaded using Fotolia Instant, can be published and used in advertising.

Fotolia Instant application allows you to easily manage this process, both experienced photographers and beginners. Everything is done directly from the application. Follow the instructions on the screen, it's very simple.