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The Fight Between Personal Assistants Now M For Facebook

The new competitor of Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Now. Facebook announced the M a personal assistant built into Messenger that can perform various tasks for you such as buying items, send gifts to relatives, make restaurant reservations or plan a trip or travel arrangements and appointments etc. They will be able to ask relatively simple information for example weather, sports, web search. M is able to understand spoken queries and act on them within Facebook. Facebook promises to be smarter than its competitors because M will be driven by human beings.

M personal assistant to facebook messenger is powered artificial intelligence trained began to be distributed among a few Messenger users in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California (USA).

In the official post announcement, it gives details on the M: Unlike other services based on the artificial intelligence available in the internet market. M is at beginning stage, but it is a significant step toward enabling people to Messenger to get things done in a variety of things so that they get to know what is important in their lives.

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Facebook the M a personal assistant

The strategy Facebook Messenger

“M” with facebook Messenger a little more independence from the social network. After being separated, the messaging application now offers its own applications and allows to register even without a Facebook account. It now has over one billion downloads on Android. The new feature will be deployed within the application as and when the coming weeks.

The artificial intelligence that is expressed through personal assistants arises increasingly as a future interface. Most large technology group now has its own solution. It allows to go faster than a standard GUI, but also companies to reap even more personal data about the user. Perfect for even a little better target advertisements.

M is one of the biggest news to the Messenger after it became a platform for other apps. Many users of still waiting for M and there is no details of when it will be available to all users, but the M still will have to face one Siri that connects better with the apps, one Cortana you want to fight for space on iOS and Android and one Google Now that you understand the contexts. Let’s see the fight between personal assistants will be good for us or not?