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The Revolution In email - Google Inbox

The Revolution In email - Google Inbox

Google always give us some new and advance technologies, now Google is ready to revolutionize email with new Inbox, Named "Inbox”. The technology giant has just launched, after years of work, an application for smartphones and personal computer (currently available only for Chrome), in sync with our Gmail, arrives to completely change the way we use our email. Inbox application capable of providing us the tedious job of managing all these messages we receive daily, plus give us a lot of work search. To arrange this service is by invitation or request one at Google; is likely to touch them wait, but here is the address where you ask; .

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Google Inbox

New interface of Inbox willing to sort it all

Inbox provides all the necessary information at a glance. Facilitates management system different from our Gmail, but remember that it does not come to replace but to complement it. One of its main innovations is the ability to group emails that relate to keep everything neater (shopping, personal messages, photos, documents, subscriptions, etc).

Moreover, Inbox using a new system to highlight the post is that this new inbox selects the most important information from our emails and we sample without the need to access the message itself. Did you just get a few pictures? No need to go into the message to view or download them from the inbox is possible.

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Inbox with useful additional information

What you read correctly, this innovative service has the courtesy of looking for us additional information from internet to the original message content. For example, if you just buy some tickets, Inbox displays information for the purchase and also tells you the time of your destination 0, if you've just booked a flight, Inbox will show the link to check your ticket. If you have just received confirmation of a shipment, Inbox will additionally display the status of the shipment watch your tracking number or, if you've just booked a table at a restaurant not hesitate to show you a map so you do not miss to get and many more.

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With Inbox you will not forget anything

Another of the great innovations of this new system is in the facilities it offers to manage your reminders. Inbox uses an intelligent assistant that helps users manage their tasks; manages to integrate the agenda with email so you can organize all your activities from there.

Inbox also putting off tasks even emails. For example, you like to see your notifications from social networks only once a week, well, can make all the emails go grouping to be shown together on the day that suits you; in short, anything to make a more effective management. More Help Visit Google Inbox Main page