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The Type of Web Hosting Reliable for 2015

Nabeel Shoro

Now more and more people are developing websites and blogs, because they know the advantages of websites for personal or commercial as well as a source of income. I started blogging since August 2014, my first blog is The Tricks Peak. Since then I managed more than three blogs. Now I am a full-time blogger and love to write articles on the different type of niches. I share what I learned through my blogging career in my posts.
Today, in this post, I am going to classified “Type of Hosting still popular in 2015” for those my friends who are very new in blogging.

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The Trusted and Reliable Type of Web Hosting

Type of web hosting 2015
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Shared Web Hosting. 
Dedicated Servers.
CO-location Server Hosting. 
Dedicated Virtual Servers.

Managed Web Hosting.
Cloud Hosting.
Exchange Hosting.
Business Email Hosting.

As my point of view, Shared Hosting looks very interesting for everyone because they are the cheapest option available in the market. Meanwhile, there are other hosting options are not too expensive but safer and more reliable.
Here are some types that exist on the web hosting service:

1. Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting services are the most popular in the world today. In this type of hosting there are many sites that have been held on the same server typically managed by multiple companies? One client uses this service has limited access to their servers. They just host a website and usually do not use a custom web application. This type of hosting is suitable for small sites. Although it is the most popular type of hosting comes with some flaws, if one of the sites that be a violation of the service resources such as spamming, or other adverse events, all other clients will be very influential.
2. Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server or Dedicated Hosting is another kind yet reliable hosting service, where customers lease the whole server is not shared. It is more reliable and flexible than other hosting services, as customers have full control, even can choose the hardware, connection configuration, software and operating systems. Usually, the customer keeps the server on their end or takes an add-on of the host to maintain and manage uptime. This service has been used by medium-sized or large companies or customers most have a huge traffic on their Web sites.

3. Co-location Server Hosting

There are data centers around the world that offer co-location Server Hosting, where you buy your own hardware and software and they only provide the infrastructure to host your server at their location, they are responsible for network uptime and uptime electricity, even some companies manage server co -location at an additional cost. In Co-location Server Hosting monthly cost less and reliability, together with the security of Dedicated Hosting. Co-location is coming with its own advantages, but it does not use full for the simple web page, which is better for critical online applications. This is quite popular among large corporations and big websites with an online application.

4. Virtual Dedicated Servers

VDS is also a popular type of hosting, there are companies that offer cheaper VDS for customers. Customers usually transfer their websites are growing in VDS. VDS is a virtual server using the same server resources but with the capability of a dedicated server. It was better than shared hosting but lower than dedicated hosting, customers prefer to evolve website.

5. Cloud Web Hosting

Basically, there are two types of cloud hosting, managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Manage cloud web hosting is one type of dedicated hosting service where the host company to manage a dedicated server as an add-on, which is better to choose a server that is managed from the unmanaged server. Web Host companies that manage more servers and have more experience to run your server smoothly so it is better to buy a cloud web hosting.

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6. Grid Hosting

It is hosting on demand. It is for sites ranging from small, in this type of hosting host hosting you answer the needs of you, add a resource to your account when you need it, you will get a box (cluster) hosting the resource if the mail server goes down the backup server to work, so you can expect more than 99.9% uptime.

7. Exchange Hosting

This allows the company to enjoy the productivity and collaboration benefits of the exchange. Its enhance communication with partners, customers, and employees.

8. Business Email Hosting

It is only to run the email service for businesses with many enhanced features. Email hosting is very important for the company and improves the ability of email and tracking. There is almost every Email Hosting providers provide chat facility with it.

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