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Tips on Choosing a Tablet and Smartphone to Play Games

Nabeel Shoro

If you are gamer and like to play games then this post is for you, In this post I am going to give you many tips that you can use to choose the tablet and smartphone which are able to play the game. By choosing a tablet and a smartphone to play the game certainly more able to meet your daily needs.

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When we willing to buy a gaming tablet or smartphone we should know following configuration.

  1. Screen of tablet and smartphone

If you want to choose a tablet and a smartphone to play the game that is seen on the screen. Ensure that carries a minimum screen size should be of 5 to 6 inches with a minimum resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

  1. Processor and CPU

Processor and CPU should be good if you want to choose a tablet and a smartphone, should select a CPU Adreno 3xx have or 4xx, PowerVR 6 series, or the latest generation.

  1. RAM

Choose tablets and smartphones should be minimal RAM 1 GB or more to optimize you more fun while playing the game.

  1. Storage Space

Storage space tablets and smartphones that you choose to play the game sure is equipped external memory and internal memory of 8 GB.

  1. Battery life

Suggested for you who want to choose a tablet or smartphone to play games should be supported by qualified battery, larger capacity, is also worth noting how long the phone can talk time and standby.

  1. The Android version

And for the convenience of playing the game should select Android OS Jelly Bean.

Well, that's here tips on choosing a tablet and a smartphone to play games.

Have a Nice Gaming