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Tips To Change Ringtones Of IPhone 6

IPhone 6 is a powerful smartphone that has a high selling price. And we know that this smartphone is already equipped ringtone but many people who are not satisfied with the default ringtone and want to change. If you do not know how can change the ringtone on iPhone 6, then you are right place, in this article i am going to show how to change the Ringtone on the iPhone 6.

1. Manually Change Ringtones

  • First, install iTunes on computer. Then connect the iPhone to the computer via cable , then run iTunes.
  • In iTunes, click the ' Music 'and then select the tracks that you want to use as a ringtone.
  • Right click on the track, and then select ' Get Info '.
  • A small window will appear, select the tab ' Options '. On the tab, select the start time and stop time for the song you want to be used as a ringtone. Remember that the maximum duration of the song can only be 30 seconds. If more then 30 seconds the ringtone will fail to be processed. click 'OK'.
  • Repeat these steps, right click on the tracks but this time select "Create AAC version ". The second song of the same name will appear but shorter in duration according the duration that had been arranged.
  • Right click on the new songs that have been made earlier, then select "Show in Windows Explorer '.
  • A window will appear showing the locations for storage of ringtones. The files have the extension .m4a. Select the file and rename the extension to .m4r.
  • Return to the iTunes page in the top left corner select the category 'Tones'.
  • Then click on the top left corner on the small icon 'Add File to Library'. If you are using Windows you can also press Ctrl + O.
  • Add .m4r files that have been prepared earlier.
  • The last step, click on the iPhone icon on the top left. Select a category 'Tones' and tick the box 'Sync Tones'. Further more, the iPhone will synchronize, it may take a few minutes.
  • Newly created ringtone now appear on your iPhone select this ringtone to use it.

The trick:- In iPhone select Settings> Sounds then scroll down on the tab Ringtone. The new ringtone will appear at the top separated by a line. Select the ringtone and finished now your iPhone ring tone had changed.

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2. Change Ringtone with Application

You also can use the application made by Blackout Labs Ringtone Designer and artificial iPhone Ringtones for Mobile.

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