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Top 10 App Stores than Google Play Store which can be trusted

It’s no doubt that Google Play Store is among largest Android application store, where we can browse million of applications. Although, the number of applications in the Google Play Store already surpassed, 1 million applications, but still many users who are not satisfied with the existing applications on Google Play Store. So most of the users search and explore alternative sites other than Google Play Store to search for newer applications and certainly different.

The latest application is much preferred, especially Android users, but the number of sites that offer applications other than on Google Play Store makes Android users hesitate and not so confident with these sites. But the following Top 10 App Store than Google Play store which can be trusted:

1. Opera App Store. Opera Mobile Store is a platform independent browser-based application store for owners of mobile phones and digital application distribution platform for developers, which is owned and managed by Opera Software ASA. Launched and supported by third party providers In March 2011 the Opera Mobile Store re-launched on a new platform, having acquired Handset. Opera App Store now has more than 100,000 applications per month. It allows users to browse and download applications for more than 3000 different models of mobile phones on the Android platform, Java, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, iOS, and Windows Mobile. To access the app store, you simply open a web browser on an Android device from apps opera dot com. This service will automatically detect your device and you can download the APK directly to the device. Approximately 70 percent of apps in the store are free.

2. AppBrain . AppBrain is the trusted source for Android apps. You should visit appbrain dot com from your device browser and create an account. Then you need to download and install the AppBrain app from the Play Store. With AppBrain You can Find the best Android apps via search, rankings and categories, Easy to install and manage applications directly from the web browser and on mobile phones with free Android app, Share application already installed on your phone, by the way, tell your friends. New applications and most in the download today, searching for Android apps at low prices and many other features.

3. Good E-Reader App StoreApps.goodreader dot com. This site provides a very basic UI that lists applications according to the latest and popular category. The plus side is the website user’s rank is right next to the name of the application in the main interface. It can act as an aggregator of other applications store where you can download the same.

4. F-droid. F-Droid Repository with the site f-droid dot org is a catalog of easy-to-install FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) application for the Android platform. The server contains details of several versions of each application as Froyo, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, so you can install it correctly by the operating system.

5. AAOMarket . AAOMarket is a client Android application store AndAppOnline dot com. Almost all of the applications in this market free. The site claims that they have limited application because they want existing applications to have quality features. However, one drawback is no indicator when you download the application, and so you probably do not know the time of the download.

6. Mobo MarketMoborobo dot com has applications, games, a special section for wallpapers, themes, latest news, reviews and discussion forums. You can also get a built-in download manager where you can monitor your downloads in progress and also help to install and uninstall applications that are downloaded.

7. Amazon Appstore. You can download from the Amazon Appstore in Amazon dot com / getappstore . The Android app store opened on March 22, 2011, and now available in more than nearly 200 countries. App stores have a collection of a lot of free and paid applications. Amazon Kindle Tablet has been removed entirely from the Google Play and now rely on the app store AppStore. Amazon features the “daily free app”. Every day there are applications, games, offered free of charge. At launch, the game Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free), can be downloaded for free.

8. SlideMeSlideme dot org is the Android client to manage, find and download Android applications. This site has the same UI as Google Play, where you must first create a free account to download the application. You have the option to limit the application are displayed per page and the number of screenshots to save data costs. There can also choose to display the state of the local application and you can lock the app with a PIN. You can also download applications from the android SlideMe Google Play.

9. 1Mobile Market. Is an easy way to find and download applications and games for free best Android. The site also recommends the application under certain categories such as games, apps starter kit, photo editing, music applications and ease to find and download. This website has a collection of more than 300,000 free Android applications.

10. Android Pit. Allows you to find and download apps directly to your phone or PC. In addition to the application apk, the site also provides a ‘test’ for wanting to give your app reviews, screenshots, and ratings. Approximately more than 50 percent of the applications on this site can be downloaded immediately and the rest will be redirected to the Google Play Store.

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