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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your OS to Windows 10

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Microsoft Windows 10 probably the most important operating system Microsoft has ever introduced because Microsoft announced that this operating system will be long-term period. If you are still using any previous version of Microsoft windows, then this article is for you. After read, you will be agreeing that there are several reasons for this, and why do we upgrade Windows 7/8 / 8.1 to 10? Read why  Microsoft stops Windows 7 and 8?

Why You Need to Upgrade Your OS to Windows 10

Here Top 5 Reasons

The most interesting reason to upgrade is that all the legal owners of windows 8.1 will get Windows 10 free for first year, by this Microsoft at all costs must draw the user's eyes to windows 10. Will they succeed is hard to say, but knowing the company - everything is possible.

  1. Start menu

The new Start menu and hot key on the lower right corner in the new Windows 10 OS in something completely different. Microsoft has developed it in the details, so it is now richer than ever. And you will enjoy using it.

  1. Cortana

In short, it is the voice commands. Google and Apple are far gone in this area, Microsoft is late. Anyway, Cortana is just the answer to that, and we know from Windows Phone. This is your personal assistant, which was named after the model of the video game Halo, probably the biggest Microsoft Game hit that has seen several extensions.

When Windows 10 appears on the desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones, Cortana will play a major role in the new OS.

What can do Cortana?

It can do standard web searches - for example, you can ask "what's the weather in New York," and you will get voice response. Cortana can also access your personal information to Microsoft services. We expect Cortana work on Windows 10 smartphones, but also on the Xbox One console, and you will not believe, perhaps to arrival iOS and Android platforms.

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  1. Microsoft Edge Internet browser

Whatever you think about it, Internet Explorer has recently become the laughing stock among the more intelligent and educated users. Do not be offended if "by default" using IE, but it is so. Microsoft years ago dangerously attacked Netscape and some other Web browsers and beat them, and hope that the same can be made with the new Edge Web browser, which are considered to have become more popular than Google Chrome, or Mozilla's Firefox.

Conveniently, the Edge will have Cortana assistant, simpler user interface and a handful of what might appeal to users.

  1. Better interface

Start menu is just the tip of the iceberg. More virtual workspaces, grouping applications and better manipulation of them. This is something that OS X and Linux are used for years, and now will have a Windows ten it is pretty and Task View application that lets you see all applications running at the same time and of course, one of the strongest things will be the synchronization of data between different devices - desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones.

  1. New and improved Command Prompt

For years, this part is lagging behind in Windows, a lot better having solved OS X and Linux. Maybe at Microsoft think that no one uses, but it is certainly an important part of the OS. So the new Command Prompt and get some new features such as "copy & paste", change the window size, and more.

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The new Windows 10 OS will officially release on July 29, 2015. Are you going to put in high gear, the decision is yours. We will certainly switch ... when we have all the necessary licenses ... and it's free.